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    How to learn MS office perfectly on my own?

    How to learn MS office perfectly on my own?

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    Re: How to learn MS office perfectly on my own?

    You can learn MS Office perfectly on your own.You can take help of some Video tutorials and Online website that give Brief description of MS Office.
    You can also learn after practicing on the MS-Office Software like MS-WORD,MS-EXCEL and many others.After Some time you will become perfect in MS Office.You can download some papers of MS-Office like MS-Excel, MS-Powerpoint and do editing in these pages after some If you edit minimum 100 page at last you think that You are perfect in MS-Office Automatically.

    So apply these point on your own that become helpful for you and after some time you become perfect in MS-Office.

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    Re: How to learn MS office perfectly on my own?

    MS office is so easy to learn. you can learn the MS office perfectly by using the features of MS office.
    and you can also take the help from the online material which provide the video of MS office features and some reading material through this you can know all the features very eaisly.
    after reading the features of MS office you use them practically by practise you are perfect in the MS offce.
    now there is new version of MS office so you have to practise the new version.
    http://ulearnoffice.com/ his site will help you for learn the MS office.

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    Re: How to learn MS office perfectly on my own?


    follow this link you can learn office online and also get a certification from the same

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    Re: How to learn MS office perfectly on my own?

    Ms office is the microsoft company application.
    Ms office covers:
    microsoft word
    microsof powerpoint
    microsof excel
    microsof outlook express
    To learn Ms office on your own,The most important is the refer the book of Ms.office.you have to read function by function and perform it on practically on Ms office software and keep it in mind.by doing step by step ,you can easily learn entire Ms.office.
    you can also take help of your neighbour or classmate or friend.you can easily get help of Ms office.and you can learn more better way with combincation of theory of book,practicall on software and help of your friend.then at last ,you can easily perform any function of Ms office.

    good luck..

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    Re: How to learn MS office perfectly on my own?

    Hello Friend !!

    MS Office :

    MS office is an Software / Application developed by Microsoft Company.

    Microsoft Office suites intended for students, home users, small businesses and corporations

    MS office has many versions.

    The Versions are :

    MS Office 2006,
    MS Office 2007,
    MS Office 2008,
    MS Office 2009,
    MS Office 2010.

    What all can be done using MS Office :

    You can do flow charts, data flow diagrams, calenders, building plans (though I'm not sure how useful it is in that area XD), network diagrams, charts and graphs.

    Basics of MS Office :

    Just install the MS Office 2007 in your PC.

    After the Installation, you are asked the product key for accessing MS Office for the first time.

    Just type : KGFVY-7733B-8WCK9-KTG64-BC7D8

    Now the MS Office is Opened for the first time and it looks like,

    Firstly for e.g you need to Create a Document of Words and Paragraphs.

    For this Enter the Words from Keyboard.

    Now its time to Highlight the Keywords using Bold, Italic, Colors etc.

    For this, you need to use the Mouse.

    For making the Word Bold, first select the Word by using Mouse and then you can see letter " B ", at the top just click it once, the word becomes bold immediately as you hit click.

    You can also do the same from keyboard, after selecting the word just hit Ctrl+B.

    In the similar way :

    Ctrl+I for making words Italic.
    Ctrl_U for Underling.

    For Color, select the word or line and you can find an option " A with and Underline " click on it, a large number of colors are displayed select the required one by clicking on it.

    Once the Document is done, you should save the file, it can be done by Ctrl+S For saving the MS Document.

    These are the basics you can learn yourself by own.

    You can learn more from the below video :

    All the Best !!

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