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    How to learn basics of computer software?

    hi every one
    what is the basic in computer softwere

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    S Venkateshwarulu
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    Re: How to learn basics of computer software?

    Hi Buddy,

    Computer science is vast field that has many sub fields and sub divisions such as

    1. Artificial Intelligence
    2. Hardware
    3. Networking
    4. Hardware
    5. Database
    6. Graphics
    7. Programming Languages
    8. Software Engineering

    Without proper description regarding which basics of Computer science it's not possible to help you to the fullest.

    If you are a computer science student then the basics would be Algorithms, Flowcharts, C, C++, JAVA, DBMS, CG, SE, AI, etc.... For these subjects there are numerous books which help in learning the basics of the above concepts.

    Some of the books that help you in learning the concepts of languages are

    1. Let us C by Yashwanth Kanetkar
    2. Let us C++ by Yashwanth Kanetkar
    3. Complete Reference 7th edition by TATA McGraw hill Publications.

    Instead you just want to know the simple basics of computer science here is the link to the site which can help you in learning basics.

    All the best.

    @ S.Venkateshwarulu

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