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    How to join a chemical company of Dubai with M.Sc (Chemistry) qualification?

    i have completed my M.Sc. chemistry with 88.3% mark.now i am in dubai.i like join in a chemical company.what can i do first??how will you apply??

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    Re: How to join a chemical company of Dubai with M.Sc (Chemistry) qualification?

    See for Dubai you you need to enroll yourself in a website which holds up the facility for people opting for Dubai jobs. Such a website is www.jobsindubai.com. Now you say that you want to join a chemical company in Dubai. So for that you need to log onto this website. Register here with your latest CV being uploaded. Mention your likes and dislikes about the job. Mention the starting salary you want. Now
    after you send you entire details(personal and professional) in the portal, they will match that with the existing jobs. You can check for existing jobs in the job portal, then and there only. If something matches preference totally, then you apply through the portal itself. The portal will send your CV from their system and notify you automatically, that an application is filed. Now it entirely depends on the company or organization, that they will recruit you or not. So go ahead and try.

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