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    How to improve personality development and communication skills?

    how to improve personality development and communication skills
    How I improve my personality and communication skill

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    Re: How to improve personality development and communication skills?


    In today's competitive world only education is not enough to compete with others. Tell me at the time of a interview if someone asks you some question related to your subject and when you know the answer but you can not answer due to lack of English then that subject knowledge of yours will be of no use hence it is always good to learn the Language English as it has become a Global Language now. Otherwise you will never ever earn a reputation in the society as well as you will always hesitate in your office.

    Tips to improve the communication:-
    1.Do not hesitate to speak
    2. Speak wrong, but speak
    3. Look at the way others speak and try to grab some new words
    4. Watch English News
    5. Read English Newspaper
    6. Read Novels and Journals
    7. Join some Coaching classes to remove your hesitation
    8. Stand in front of a mirror ans speak
    9. Never hesitate to ask your Doubts.

    For Personality:-
    Always Brush your teeth
    Wear Clean Clothes
    Cut Your hairs and Nails Properly
    Always Try to talk less
    Wear a good perfume
    Never Abuse anybody
    Talk gently with the ladies
    Have confidence.

    Hope it will help


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