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    How to improve my typing skills?

    How to improve my typing skills?
    thank you.

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    Re: How to improve my typing skills?

    To increase the typing speed on keyboard you should follow these instructions carefully…
    • You should know about the accurate places of alphabets only for one time. After some time this will be your habit.
    • Place your left hand fingers on A, S, D, F and put your fingers of right hand on J, K, L, ; keys.
    • It is difficult but try to not to look at the keyboard.
    • Keep your fingers, head and back in a good posture.
    • Now you can type anything without looking at keyboard.
    • You can also use the following tricks:
    - Chat
    - E-mail, online bulletin boards and forums
    - Run through online typing tests several times
    - Type pages of a book, letter, or any other page with lots of text
    - Create your own web page, blog, or online journal
    - Typing games

    Thus, by using these skills you can be a good typist.
    Best of Luck

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