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    How to improve my concentration power?

    how to concentrate more time..in studies my concentration power.. maximum is 10min.... after that i cant.. my friends study hole night.. i f study like that i will not remember... tell me the solution please

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    pabolu manikanta
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    Re: How to improve my concentration power?

    Hello Friend.........

    Concentration is the one of the most important criteria in learning and you need to read with out having any disturbances in your mind which will make your mind disturb from the activities.The high concentration and dedication to study is necessary for achieving or studying...

    There are many situations which may come in to your mind which will cause disturbances to your mind and which will make your mind not to concentrate on things which you needs to concentrate more..some of the things which will happen while studying for most of the people are..
    >>Your mind wonders from one place to another place
    >>your worries distract you
    >>Out side distractions and environment will distract your mind and makes your concentrate less..
    >>some times the study also becomes boring and less concentrated subjects...
    These are the most common things which will happen to you while paying attention or concentration on studies most commonly...

    There are some tips which needs to be followed while paying attention to your studies...
    some of them are...
    *Dedication is necessary while paying attention to studies you need to dedicate your self for reading and pay attention to stay till you completed the task you wish to complete that day.
    *Make a schedule for daily routine and stick to it till you complete it..
    *Before you start studying gather the information about what subject you are learning and bring full concentration and interest on the study.
    *Make a incentives of completing the task and make the better way of learning while studying.
    *Change the subjects if you feel bored and change the subjects more precise and 1 to 2 hours till you feel concentrated and prefer the most interested subject first...
    *Ask your self how to increase your activity level while studying
    *Take the breaks while studying and attain more concentration on the studies...
    *Give your self a reward when you have completed the task success fully.
    These are the some of the tips you need to consider while studying and pay more attention and dedication on the studies...

    With lots of dedication and attention only you can study well and get more concentrated on studies..

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    Re: How to improve my concentration power?

    Dear friend,

    Hope you are doing well.

    CONCENTRATION-It is nothing but extent to which we can concentrate on a single point and get the resultant or desired output from the work.


    1.Always try to think in a positive way and try to avoid maximum of the negative thinking .

    As human mind is so sensitive it is quick in addressing with the negative potential than the positive side itself.

    Whenever you find it hard to concentrate for more time .Try to make sure the amount of time for which you are able to completely concentrate and now go on thinking positively that the next time you will be concentrating for a rather longer period.

    This helps you very much.May be in the beginning you will be doing it for a little time but on a long run you will find it helpfull.

    2.Make sure that your mind is free from tensions.Yes it may seem funny.

    But it plays a major mind game .If you are so much irritated with the problems write all the problems you are facing on a piece of paper .

    Try to solve a maximum of them.Try to the help you need either from your friends or parents or well wishers.

    When you are sure you are free from every thing or a maximum of them you will be happy and gradually you can concentrate more.

    3.To to avoid doing many things at a single time.Your mind may be disturbed and you may find it it very difficult to concentrate.

    4.Practise some things that can improve your concentration power .

    Like you can go for doing Yoga,Meditation etc.

    5.Donot expect fruits always from your work.Some times there may be unexpected situations where you cannot get all that is deserved for you actually.

    Since you have worked hard try to control your mind by saying that God will surely help you in your need.

    6.Try to plan a time table for your work and then you can find it more convenient and more easy to concentrate.

    7.Do your work passionately.Working whole heartedly is more useful than working hardly day and night.

    8.Try to avoid things that distrub your like T.V etc during your studies.

    9.Your place of study should be unique and it should be the same .Donot keep on changing it daily.

    10.Drink a lot of water and sprinkle water on your face or rather wash it when you fell asleep.

    By following these tips you can definetly improve your concentration power.

    Hope the information helped you.

    All the best.

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    Ami Tomar
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    Re: How to improve my concentration power?

    hello friend,
    This is the big problem of every student in the world actually.For that you have to believe on yourself actually.You can improve your Concentration power by Meditation.You can do it by seeing Moon continuously on everyday.If you will improve your time of moon watching then your concentration will be improved automatically.So friend if you can do it,I'm sure you can made it your habbit & it will improve your concentration,which can improve your study.And Decide your time of study means that you shave to see in which time you can study and you start your study at that time.Don't study to see other.just study for your interest in which time you can...
    All the best,
    Thank you,

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    Kalicharan Shaw
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    Re: How to improve my concentration power?

    Do meditation before you sit down to study !!!
    Mark important points so that you don`t have problem before exams

    One more thing that you can do is, if you forget things you learn, then record all the formulas or important chapters in your mobile and then listen to them. It will work. This may be tedious in the beginning but the end result is awesome. Try it.

    Best of Luck.

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