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    How HR Interviews, Group Discussions and Jam Sessions will be held in Software companies like TCS, CTS & Wipro?

    software companies interviews pattern
    am doing b.sc final year please show me how hr interviews,group discussions,jam sessions are held in software companies like tcs,cts,wipro

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    Re: How HR Interviews, Group Discussions and Jam Sessions will be held in Software companies like TCS, CTS & Wipro?

    helloo friend..

    All software companies like TCS,CTS,WIPRO,INFOSYS,etc take apptitude test as their first round during recruitment process then they shortlist the aspirants for further round like G.D,H.R INTERVIEW,TECHNICAL INTEVIEW,JAM SESSION etc
    they from some groups of shortlisted asspirants and give any topic for group discussion and check their expressibility quality,communication skills,co-operation with their teammates etc,then jam session is held for the shortlisted candidates from G.D round, Jam session totally based on the communication skills of candidates and their fluency of speaking or giving theie views, then short listed students go for H.R interview where they face a panel which questions him/her about thier interest ,honesty,workexperience and all that,technical inteview is about to check technical knowledge that we have about our core subjects or in field of interest.
    In this way these all rounds are very important and you should be very active through out these rounds .You should have your all confidence ..
    so best of luck .....

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    Smile Re: How HR Interviews, Group Discussions and Jam Sessions will be held in Software companies like TCS, CTS & Wipro?

    Am glad that you are very responsible and sincere towards your interview section and i would surely like help you with it. First of all let me give you a clear picture of group interviews and jam sections :

    group discussions and jam sections play a major and critical role in interviews.


    Group Discussion is a process where exchange of ideas and opinions are debated upon. A small topic is given and you will have to discuss that topic with others in the group either supporting the topic or opposing or you can even have a neutral edge.Atlast after the discussion the judge panel will announce a few names of the aspirants who are selected. The following are the observation parts of the panel :
    • These shows your ability to speak among public.
    • These also notices the commanding nature of you.
    • These shows the uniqueness of your ideas.
    • These help you expose in others.
    The next is JAM it means just a minute. In this they give you one topic on which you will have to speak for one full minute. The following are some instructions :
    • First you will have to give an introduction of you.
    • While speaking you should not get stammered in between.
    • The speech must be continous.
    • See that in that particular one minute you give a small conclusion to the topic which adds a good finishing to your speech.

    H.R interviews :

    This section doesnt have any specific pattern each company has its own style of interview. You cant just particularly follow a pattern blindly but have some confidence and think out of the box and be what you are. This is all enough to face an hr interview.


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