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    How to handle money problems while studying?

    How to handle money problems while studying?
    thank you..

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    Re: How to handle money problems while studying?

    Dear Friend...

    I am Also Student and Money problem is following me since last 5 years but I can Handle that easily...


    • Please Stop Unnecessary Expense
    • It is not Necessary to see First Day First Show movie
    • If you have GF then you have to control expense behind her
    • If you are addicted for some thing you should stop.
    • You can go for Part time job like in Call centre, Pizza Shop, Grocery Store, Medical Shop etc
    • You can go for some online job like EALP. Data Entry, Email Advertising etc

    hope you can understand...

    All the best


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    Re: How to handle money problems while studying?

    After 12th science what course should i slect if i have no enough money to do like btech or bba

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    Re: How to handle money problems while studying?

    there are a lot of options available to handle money problem while studying..... most people do tuition to get some money you can do that but that requires a lot of time and attention it can be stressful at times also.....else you can join a BPO thre are many that offer part time job there i mean during saturdays and sundays...you can apply there only thing you need is good command over the language.....else you can work in a hotel as a waiter or in some shop.....the best option available is that yo can earn online just by answering some questions the best one is the EALP...like this one site....choose you own choice....
    best of luck

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    Re: How to handle money problems while studying?

    Dear friend,

    I can understand its difficult to handle money problem while studying because we have some needs related to studies which are necessary to fulfill.

    Firstly i will suggest never take any stress regarding this...just try to find out the way till it get it to you...as you know every problems have an solution.

    Secondly if possible for you try to do sum part time job in your spare time which will definitely help you out...

    And lastly try to cut off unnecessary expense or forward such expenses for next time

    thank you

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    Re: How to handle money problems while studying?

    hello friend
    This is a common problem for many students. If you are asking this question that means your pocket money is not sufficient for you. Folowing are some tips for you to get out of this problem soon :
    • You can try for some small part time jobs like :
    • news paper delivery
    • milk packets delivery
    • small grocery works
    • onlne jobs
    You can save your money through saving a small amount of it.
    you can have less expenses.

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    Re: How to handle money problems while studying?

    The best option to overcome from this problem is that you can take the loan from any bank. The other option is that you can do the part time job anywhere and from this way you can also earn some money. You should not do any more expensive work where you have to spend money.

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    Re: How to handle money problems while studying?

    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    How to handle money problems while studying?
    thank you..
    hello friend,

    the some solutions which i suggest you for money problems are:

    *) save money for you best by not wasting money in unnecessary things and work.

    *) if you have time, go for part-time job which will be useful for daily facilities.

    *) apply for scholarship which is given by many other institutions around the world.

    *) apply for bank loans.

    *) get earnings by EALP program.

    all the best for your future.

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    Re: How to handle money problems while studying?

    Hello there,

    >> Financial problems are very common to student life.
    >> What you need to make sure is that you use your money efficiently. Make sure you avoid the unnecessary ones !
    >> Whenever you need money urgently, you must contact your parents as this is the best thing to do and they would definitely help you out .
    >> Be a good student, that will help you earn scholarships in the long run, which would make you stronger financially.
    >> If money is still hard to come, then working online, especially in forums of the EARN AND LEARN PROGRAM[EALP] definitely help.
    >> Keep things easy.

    GooD LucK !
    aman //

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