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    How good is to study 10th from CBSE board?


    I am a student of class 10 studying in CBSE syllabus .I prefr to board exam . Is it a right option ?

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    Re: How good is to study 10th from CBSE board?

    Hello Friend

    CBSE is a highly recognized board not only in India, but also abroad i.e to say that if you apply for foreign universities in future, CBSE holds a good impression there too!

    Class 10 CBSE is at a higher level than compared to any state board within India. The Questioning format of CBSE is also quite unique and trying! So a board exam scorecard from 10th CBSE will really help you.

    If you decide to quit CBSE after 10th and continue your education under your state board, then your 10th board exam is compulsory! however, if you are continuing in CBSE itself, then taking up 10th board exam is up to you!

    It is my advice that you take it, so you will have an idea of CBSE board exams, and would be better prepared for your 12th board! And also, like I said, a CBSE board score card earns you good impression!

    All the best!

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