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    How good is science as a career option?

    How good is science as a career option?
    thank you.

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    Re: How good is science as a career option?

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    How good is science as a career option?
    thank you.
    HAI DEAR><><><


    1.Medicine is one of the sought after and gratifying professions the world over.

    2.All across the globe, medical science has made remarkable development over the
    past few decades.

    3.Numerous specialisations have been developed over a period of time.

    4.The job of a doctor requires hard work, dedication, patience and zeal to cure
    the patients.

    5.It is indeed a very noble and demanding profession across the globe.

    6.With an upsurge of diseases, there will always be a demand for doctors and
    other medical professions.

    7.Today, a doctor is highly paid, especially with private hospitals mushrooming
    all across the vicinity.

    Medical Career:

    *A career in medical field is considered as one of the most respectable career.

    *Students choose this option after their 10+2 itself.

    *There are various specializations in this field.

    *Students can choose to specialize in any of the streams which interest them most.

    *Aspirants of this field can earn well in this field.

    *The salary in general practice begins at about Rs. 300,000 during internships.

    *After having some years of experience, a general practitioner can expect wages
    of Rs. 400,000 to Rs. 500,000.

    *General surgeons can earn between Rs. 450,000 to Rs. 600,000 and a cardiac
    surgeon almost double of it.

    ALL THE BEST><><<><

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    Re: How good is science as a career option?


    Studying with science will help you to see various career option consist bright future-----

    After 10+2-->

    1.You can able study with B.Sc in any of your science subjects.

    2.You wiil be eligible to sit for entrance examinations for go further with engineering(B.E/B.TECH) or in medical(M.B.B.S)

    3.You can shift your career in management courses like BBA,BCA,HOTEL management,Hospital management.

    4.You can study with polytechnic.(for Diploma Engineers).

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