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    How good is 12th from an open school?

    How good is 12th from an open school?
    thank you.

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    Re: How good is 12th from an open school?

    hi friend

    there is no any diffrence between 12th from an open school and from a regular school.

    someone has said very right that everything has some merit and some demerit.

    the same thing is here.

    the advantages are as below>>>>>>>>>>>

    1"" you will get more time on studies

    2"" you can join sevaral coaching cetres for the competative exams

    3"" you will get time for the entertainment also.

    4"" there will be any type of pressure on you

    5"" there will no any work for your home.


    1"" you will not get practical knowledge

    2"" your personality will be not developed

    3"" no competative mind will be developed


    hence the choice is yours to chosse the rightone

    best of luck


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    Re: How good is 12th from an open school?

    12th from an open school can be opted if you cannot continue your regular studies. If you are doing entry level jobs, you have the option to take up studies from open school along with the job. You need to select a good school so as to study 12th class. NIOS is one of the recognized body which offer studies in higher secondary level. A higher secondary study from a recognized institute will only be valued. NIOS is established by MHRD. For more details you can log in to the official website of NIOS.

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    Hi friend,

    Well mine friend, There's not much basic difference between both of them, even some of the students prefer Open school.

    I am enlisting some basic difference in form of Advantages and Dis advantages.

    Advantages of Open school over normal school :

    >> First, of all it's best for all guys who prefer doing coaching

    >> It gives you most time for Self-study.

    >> It provides you basic time to prepare for Other competitions on 12th basis which may lead you to some nice colleges or Governmental jobs like :
    1. NDA
    2. SCRA
    3. Bank Clerk
    4. Railways,

    Disadvantages :

    >> Well, first of all it has first sight bad impression

    >> No proper Schooling

    >> Lack of Class support may even spoil some guys

    But in the end , i will like to say that it exactly depends on you, how you find yourself in mid of these things.

    If you have got enough temperament and confidence with merit, then schools, etc never matters to you, since in the end what matters is just you

    Best of Luck!!

    Hope it helps!!

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    Re: How good is 12th from an open school?

    can i repeate 12th after passing my 12th with 56% in pseb or in cbse i have passed it from pseb....

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