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    How to get rid of Nervousness and Fumbling during BPO Interviews?

    am unable to give interviews (bpo's) with confidence. i will get nervous and stops in between during answering or saying with recruiter. please tell me how to give up this ?

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    Re: How to get rid of Nervousness and Fumbling during BPO Interviews?

    well getting confused while interview is not a disease,it is not a medical disease for which you will have to take medicine,niether it is something which is not under your control
    look it is all about mindset and nothing else,you must understand that getting confused and showing anxiety is nothing but the condition of your mind,which have some sort of fear
    yes all of us although are human beings who are considered to be the powerful species on earth,but still we have fears of all the world,we fear that whether we will get admission in any good college or not,we fear whether we will get a god job after completing college and so on,the run never gets finished.
    yes to have some problems in life is obvious but you cannot allow your mind at any instant of time to loose control,you must be confident and try for everything in life because it is your duty to do,when you will do everything in life for the reason,then there will be no confusion and anxiety in your life,we always associate ourself with wrong reasons to achieve something,do not do that and do everything because it is your job or duty
    be confident and very best of luck.

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