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    How to get prepared for Maths in CPT?

    How to get prepared for Maths in CPT?
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    vikash kumar prajapati
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    Re: How to get prepared for Maths in CPT?

    In Maths common preliminary test the questions are basically asked from the following sections:-

    >>Number tricks.
    >>Number divisibility.
    >>L.C.M & H.C.F
    >>Alligation Methods.
    >>Time & Work.
    >>Profit & Loss.
    >>Age problems.
    >>Pipes & Cisterns.
    >>Tme ,work & Distance.
    >>Permutation & Combinations.
    >>Mensuration's 2 dimensional s & 3 dimensional s.

    If will command over these sections then you will easily able to get pass in the Maths CPT exam.

    But for this you will have to learn following things:-
    >>You will have to learn tables from 1 to 20 .
    >>You will have to learn squares of up to 30.
    >>You will have to learn cubes up to 15.
    >>You will have to learn the tricks on Multiplications for solving within 10 seconds for each multiplications.
    >>You will have to learn how to calculate square and cube root.

    For learning all the above tricks and solving questions from the above listed chapters you should follow two important books for it.
    These are:-

    >>Numerical Aptitude by R.S.AGARWAL.
    >>Quicker Mathematics by M.TYRA.

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