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    How to get job as a staff nurse in central government hospitals?

    how to get job as a staff nurse in central govt hospitals?

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    Re: How to get job as a staff nurse in central government hospitals?

    Hi aspirant,
    Government gives security of humanity as first preference.
    So the basic needs of medical problems should be treated by proper hands.
    Any kind of losses in wages or life due to deficiency of proper nursing will create a great havoc in the government.
    The chaos may turn the government upside down.
    So MEDICAL NURSING is a must condition.

    For this very purpose government has alloted specific numbers of staff for evry division such as:
    Staff Nurse
    Medical Record Officer
    Laboratory Technician
    Blood Bank Technician
    Audiometry Technician
    Plaster Technician
    OT Technician

    STAFF NURSE are those posts where recruited nurses requires:
    A caring heart
    Love for their work
    They should not discriminate people on the basis of wealth, castes and conditions.

    Because some of the patients may be suffering from skin disease
    To which some do not prefer to nurse them.

    To get a job you have to satisfy the following conditions:
    1. Candidate should be between 21 to 30 years of age
    2. Educationally applicants must have completed a intermediate course
    3. Eye sight should be 6/6 to 6/9.
    4. You must crack ESIC entrance exam

    Staff nurses are also paid well according to their service.
    Make the country feel proud of you.


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