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    How to get a job in MNC with 14+ years of work experience but without a degree?


    I have a work experience of 14 years +, but don't have a degree because of which i am not able to get into MNC's. After 3 to 4 rounds of interviews in a MNC i am asked go home because i don't have a degree.

    Please advice what should i do.

    Thank you !

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    Re: How to get a job in MNC with 14+ years of work experience but without a degree?

    Hi dear,
    You kind of have the answer to this question. You yourself have written that you do not have a degree. If you do not have a proper degree certificate with you, then no MNC will give you a job. Forget about the job, you will not be able to even sit for the aptitude tests held by the MNC. You see these MNCs have now updated their application forms to an online database format. Here the online application will not accept your application unless you properly show proof of your degree course.
    So up till now I discussed the problem. Here is the solution. Please join a degree graduation course. It can be distance or correspondence, does not matter. You already have a 14 years of working experience. So that is huge. This will be a huge positive point for you. Now you just need the degree certificate to back you up. If you do B.A. or B.Com from Ignou, then you can do your graduation in the same amount of time as regular courses and in half the cost as that of regular courses and along with your job, you can continue this education. So if you wish you can log onto www.ignou.ac.in or if you are from Kolkata then you can call the kolkata study center at (033) 2281 0964.

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