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    How to get a good salaried job after MCA and MBA.

    if i do mca 3 yrs then do again mba,,,,,,can this dual degree help to get gd job with gd salary,,,if yes,,how ?????
    but my graduation no is below 50% and my 10th and hs has 65%,,,,now i taken to admision mca,,,,after doing mca mba,,,,then my low % graduation no can effect my job??
    pls tell me,,

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    pabolu manikanta
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    Re: How to get a good salaried job after MCA and MBA.

    Hi dude...

    dude after the completion of MCA you can take up the MBA course course also but doing the masters degree only is not that much instead of doing the MCA and MBA take up the MCA and after MCA take up any of the MS courses of studies or the other courses of study.

    After the MCA course there are other courses of study which are available and you can take up those courses and among the MBA and MCA it is better to take up the MBA as this is of the business management and administration course and there will be different career prospects for the MBA graduates...

    It is not that the candidates of less percetaile in the under graduation can take up other double PG courses to get good job ,you should have minimum 60% in your graduation even if you had done your double PG course of study also...

    The candidates of MBA had more prospects as now the MBA graduates are required in every aspect of organisation growth and development and maintenance of those organisations also...
    so the Masters of Business Administration course graduates have good future in the present and future organisations...

    The MCA is also good course related to programming and in technical aspects of study only...


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    Re: How to get a good salaried job after MCA and MBA.

    No need of doing mca and mba only one is necessary .
    IF possible you try to attempt the CAT exam and then go for MBA which has very high salaries compared to all so my sincere suggestion to you is to opt for MBA directly with out going for MCA because it is waste of time doing both and in that both you can opt for MBA.

    Percentage is not the criteria for applying for MBA entrance exams.
    Yes you can apply for the exam as the required educational qualification is that the candidate must be a graduate in any stream from recognized university.

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    Re: How to get a good salaried job after MCA and MBA.

    Of course a double master degree helps. But from your query itself it looks like that you want industrial jobs. For that it will become slightly difficult. You see today almost all industries want people from at least 60% in their graduation. Mostly the application forms are taken online and it will be successfully filled if you produce your pass marksheet of 60% or more marks. Even some companies who are a bit lenient want people with minimum 55% marks or more. And it is clear that you have lesser than that. So you try for educational jobs. Try for private colleges. If they see that they have vacant places and someone with double master degree is wanting to apply for the job, then they will call you for the interview. Now it is up to you whether you are able to clear the interview test or not. If you impress your examiners then you will get a permanent job over there which will be a lot more secured than your industrial job. For such jobs buy the job section of Times of India newspaper. A lot of job opportunities are advertised there. Good Luck.

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    Re: How to get a good salaried job after MCA and MBA.

    My dear friend.

    MBA and MCA are both post graduation courses.

    So they both are well reputed and highly capable of getting someone good job.

    What you are saying is that you have done both MBA and MCA.

    Of course your graduation marks are low but they won't matter much when you'll be having job on the basis of post graduation course.

    So what i am willing to tell you is that you will get job on the basis of one of these master degrees.

    Because both of them are really opposite.

    MCA deals with the computer subjects.

    So it may help you get into the IT field in a good company.

    MBA deals with business.

    It may help you getting a good job in the business industry or field.

    So do what your heart says.

    Choose the field in which your post graduation marks are better.

    That will be more beneficial.

    Both the fields are very good though.

    I hope the information is satisfactory.


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