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    How to fill the AIBE Exam form?

    how to fill aibe exam form ?

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    Re: How to fill the AIBE Exam form?

    hello friend,

    All India Bar Exam (AIBE) candidates can now apply for the online for the exam.
    check this link for online exam form www.legallyindia.com

    The Advocates applying for the AIBE must make a Demand Draft in the name of “Bar Council of India” payable at “New Delhi”.

    Please note that fresh candidates must make a Demand Draft for an amount of Rs. 1300/- and repeat candidates must make the demand draft for an amount of Rs.700/-. Only fresh candidates will receive the preparatory materials.

    The print out of the Online Form, along with the Demand Draft and the copy of the Supporting Documents must be sent to:-


    Bar Council of India,

    21, Rouse Avenue Institutional Area,

    New Delhi – 110002.

    all the best ....

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    nagma yadav
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    Re: How to fill the AIBE Exam form?

    AIBE is The All India Bar Exam
    The process to fill the application form of AIBE is:

    >Firstly you need to read the instruction carefully which is given along with application form in English and Hindi.
    >In this instruction sheet there will the discription of two different formats they are
    OMR format :Where you write information in the boxes and then shade the ovals according to it.
    ICR format:Where you write your name as well as Address.

    You will need three things while filling up the form:
    Dark HB Pencil:To shade the Oval
    Black Ink Ball point Pen:To fill out the boxes in the application form and as well as you can fill out the ICR format boxes and as well as for your Signature.Make sure that you only use a Black ball point pen and not a blue pen.
    Eraser:you know for what you use Eraser.

    Note:You do not staple or pin any certificates to the application form.You should not fold this form.Any form which is incomplete or wrongly filled information will be rejected.You should not staple your Photo.

    1.You need to write your name and fill the coresponding oval according to it.
    2.Chioce of language in which you want to write the exam you will be provided the list of languages only thing you have to do is shade the respective oval in which you want to write your exam.
    Languages like:Hindi,Telgu,Tamil,Kannada,Marathi,Bengali,Guj arati,Oriya,English
    3.your Gender should be shaded in the respective Field.
    4.Date of Birth should be mentioned in the DD MM YY format and also you need to shade the oval coresponding to it.
    5.Your choice of exam center should be mentioned and shade the center in which you want to write the exam so that you can get the center there itself.
    6.Address Block should be written with black ink along with your name with complete address to post study material,Admit card.
    7.You need to paste your pass port size photograph in the given space.
    8.You need to sign in the given box and make sure the signature should not exceed the box.
    9.The name of law college from where you graduated leave one box within each part of the name.
    10.Details of demand draft make sure that you have a 1300/-Rs f DD in the name of Bar council of India ready at the time of filling the application form because you need the DD number and as well as the date
    11.name of the bank should be written
    You need to send a copy of either your enrollement certificate or advocates card shade the oval that which ever certifiacte you are sending.
    12.You need to mention your enrollment number which is given by bar council of India and need to shade the respective ovals.
    13.Your E-mail Address should be shaded in accordingly

    Take an envelop which can fit the application form and certificates with out folding the form and write the address of Bar council and the from address where you reside.Send it to this address:

    The Bar Council of india
    2nd Floor,225 Phase 3,
    Okhla Industrial Area
    New Delhi-110020.

    Good luck

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    Re: How to fill the AIBE Exam form?

    Plz send the details on my mail id

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    Re: How to fill the AIBE Exam form?

    what should be written in the point of "DISTRICT"?? I hail from dwarka, new delhi. so it should be New delhi or Dwarka?? plz input...asap

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    Re: How to fill the AIBE Exam form?

    please send me the detail information on my mail id. hskingmaker99@gmail.com. thank you.

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