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    How to enter into hardware domain after completion of B.Tech in ECE?

    How to enter into Hardware domain after completition of B.Tech in ECE???Plss suggest me...

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    Re: How to enter into hardware domain after completion of B.Tech in ECE?

    Now, Your question can have two implications. Does this mean that you want to further study in the hardware domain. Or do you want to do a job in hardware domain after your B.Tech. Well let me first venture the first portion. See, you have good hardware domain from study point of view. You can do M.Tech, i.e, Master of Technology, after your B.Tech. Now since you want to be in hardware domain, your potential choices must be from M.Tech VLSI or M.Tech in Electronics. Now for this you have clear the entrance test held by the institute. Just what you have to do is, go to the institute and get the application forms in this genre. So its obvious that the University must have an option for M.Tech in VLSI or M.Tech in Electronics. Then after you submit me the form, you will get the examination dates. After you clear this examination, you will called another day for a specific interview. If you clear that also then you will be admitted.
    Now, I come to the other genre that I mentioned. So now if you want to do a job in hardware domain, then log into www.naukri.com or www.monster.com. There you will have to fill up a long form submitting your qualifications and preferences. Then you will have to submit your resume. As soon as their potal ahs an opening in hardware domain, they will mail you. Sometimes they call and let you know. Now it will be your choice if you want to join there or not.

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