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    How does Nanotechnology relate to the common man?

    Good Afternoon Sir
    How does Nanotechnology relate to the common man?

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    Nanotechnology deals with the materials less than the size of 10 powr -9 diameter..We have wide range of Applications based on NANOTECHNOLOGY.It realated great to the common man especially.few were mentioned below as folloes:

    * Nano sized iron oxide is present in some lipstics as a apigment
    * Nano-engineered membranes could potentially lead to more energy-efficient water purificationb process..
    * Nano particles react with poklutants in soil and ground watre and transfioem them into harmless compunds
    * Nanoparticles are used for information storage..
    * Biosensitive nano particles are used in tagging of DNA AND ITS CHIPS...
    * Useful in Magnetic refrigeration
    * Nano dimensional photonic crystals are used in chemical/optical computers
    * Quantum electronic devices have atrarted replacing the bulk materials conventional devices..
    * Nano based treatment was used in treatment of cancer,tumours etc.......
    * Nano technology was useful even in fabrication of ionic branches...
    * Nano technology readily impact with bone cells and hence finds application as an implant material

    Thus Nano technology paves an excellent way for the innovatives of man

    Thank you

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