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    How to crack CAT exam? How can I get good percentile in CAT?

    how can i crack CAT exam ?or how can i get good percentile ??
    please anyone help??
    thanks before hand for your valuable replies :-D

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    pabolu manikanta
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    Hi Dude........

    CAT (Common Admission Test)-
    This is one of the common entrance test for MBA in to the IIM's and through this examination percentile you will be called for the IIM's position for the MBA course of study,and there are many entrance examinations which are available for entry in to the MBA but through this examination you will be getting good seat if you have good score in this CAT examination...

    CAT examination time to succeed for the 2013-2014 batches for entry in to the IIM's and the best tip to score good marks in the CAT examination is that appear for many mock tests as much as you can in your Internet there are many mock tests which are available and by appearing to these mock test you will be finding it easy for the CAT examination to appear and to score good marks,also you can check your preparation through these mock tests scores...

    There are also many use full tips to be followed for appearing to the CAT examination and some of them are...
    >>Keep more attention on the difficult questions and also the simple questions,practice a lot of the un known questions till you get them.
    >>Do not waste the time in the un known topics and first cover all the other topics and then get in to the un known topics
    >>Take the advice of the experts for the preparation of the un known topics
    >>Also while appearing to the CAT examination first off all answer the well known questions first and then go for the un known and then try to solve it and get the answers
    >>Practice makes man perfect ,so practice as much as you can.
    >>Manage the time in preparation and while attempting the paper.

    I think these suggestions will get you good luck follow these...

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