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    How to crack AIEEE?

    How to crake aieee

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    S Venkateshwarulu
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    Re: How to crack AIEEE?

    Hi Buddy,

    If you could follow the below instructions then i'm sure you'll succeed in your goal.

    --> First thing you must remember is to forget about the outcome of your result before you have given the examination.
    --> The more you think of the result the more pressure builds on you.
    --> The amount of time left for you to prepare for the examination i.e from today to the date of AIEEE exam.
    --> With the specific time period you can make proper planning.
    --> A minimum of 1 hour time for each subject which means a minimum of 3 hrs per day for all three subjects.
    --> Equal importance for all the subjects.
    --> Completing the easy and more marks earning topics first.
    --> Thorough revision of all the chapters from the beginning as practice makes you more perfect in solving the problems.
    --> Don't follow 10-15 books per each subject instead prefer a two or three standard books for each subject.
    --> Time management in exam is important so learn to solve the problems in the least possible time with accurate answer.
    --> Before you go for final exam once write mock exam so that you could analyze your performance and the time was sufficient for you to solve all the problems or not.

    If you can follow the above instructions carefully then i'm sure you'll crack AIEEE examination with ease, it is easier to say than to be done. Hence work hard to achieve desired results.

    All the best.

    @ S.Venkateshwarulu

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    Re: How to crack AIEEE?

    AIEEE is one of the most competitive entrance examinations held in the country. You should be thorough with all the basics of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics from which the maximum number of questions will be asked. You should prepare a proper plan for studying in this exam. Try to refer the previous year question papers and other standard books while studying. Also learn to manage your time during exam which will help you to attempt maximum number of questions in entrance examination. You should also practice mock test. You should try to finish your studies at least 1 week before exam so that the rest of the time can be utilized for revision.

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    Re: How to crack AIEEE?

    for aieee u have basic knwledge as well as fast or tricks r also known to u. u have to clear concept of all the pcm concept. u have details idea in organic,phisical chemistry and also in physics modern,mechanics,current,optics ,sound, in math algbra, calculus,trigo,co geometry,3d,dynamics and other section . so u should practice well so that u can get the results an d

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