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    How to clear the subjects of M.Com 1988 batch?

    i m passed m.com prev.exam in 1988. after that i appeared 2-3 times to m.com final exam but not cleared.after that
    i appeared ma and cleared.now i want to appear in m.com final exam.i already passed 2 compalsory paper and 2 optional paper but now 3 compalsory and 2 optional for both year.i want to suggestion please.

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    Re: How to clear the subjects of M.Com 1988 batch?

    Now, I do not think any university will allow you to complete any course which is left back near about 25 years ago. If you institute allows it, then you must do it from there. But I have seen no such case in recent times. Please let me know the name of your institute so that I can let you know, if your institute will allow you or not. If already you have got a green signal from your institute that you will allowed after this big backlog, then its completely fine. Then my suggestion to you will be to take tutions, maybe in a private manner or via online tutions, which ever permits your money and time. Give mock tests in various institute or online to see your progress.
    Now the question is if you did not get any assurance from your institute itself then what to do. Now if the institute, from you did M.Com will not allow you,then it is useless to apply in any other institute. Now what you do is, join a job. You can join an institute as a guest lecturer in arts department. You can very well do it, you have an MA. You can join in that very subject on which you did your MA. In parallel , do M.Com in a distance university like IGNOU or Amity. Which ever institute permits your monetary situation and time constraint, you join that one. Then at the end of the program you would still have a good job as well as a valuable degree in your hand.Good Luck!!

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