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    How to clear the personal interview of CWE(clerical cadre) conducted by IBPS?

    Hello Sir/Madam,

    Recently i have cleared CWE of Clerical Cadre conducted by IBPS.

    Please give some inputs about how to clear Personal interviews????



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    Re: How to clear the personal interview of CWE(clerical cadre) conducted by IBPS?

    Before attending IBPS P.I, it is essential to prepare a resume listing your qualifications, skills, strengths and weaknesses etc. You need to prepare common questions which are usually asked in all the interviews. Some of the common questions like an introduction about your self, summary on skills, qualifications, family back ground etc will be asked in. You need to prepare notes on those separately and prepare on that basis. Through constant self practice, you can improve your communication skills. A good understanding about the current affairs area should be there from where you will find maximum number of questions. You can take valuable inputs from those who have a previous experience in attending interviews. Also you should have a good attitude while attending interview as this will be valued the most.

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    Re: How to clear the personal interview of CWE(clerical cadre) conducted by IBPS?

    to clear the clerical interview, the very first thing which is necessary is good communication skills.
    you should be confident while giving answers of the interviewer's question
    Get well prepared for general questions like:
    ->Self introduction
    ->strength and weakness
    ->what is daily routine
    ->your dreams
    ->your goals
    ->the way you see your life
    ->your achievements
    ->about your educational qualification
    ->your family background
    Also get well prepared for some questions about the bank of which you are giving the interview
    About current affairs
    Have complete knowledge about the bank's history.

    Be confident while giving answer and just say i m sorry or i don't know if you don't know any answer, instead of giving rubbish answers.

    Thank you

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    Re: How to clear the personal interview of CWE(clerical cadre) conducted by IBPS?

    Written Test : This test consists of 2 sections
    Descriptive paper

    Objective paper : This paper is of 5 topics include;

    1. Test of Reasoning Ability
    2. Test of Numerical Ability
    3. Test of English Language
    4. Test of Clerical Aptitude
    5. Test of compute Knowledge

    Descriptive paper : you must write the descriptive paper on english comprhension.
    If you qualify in this then you will be called for the interview.

    Cut-off marks :

    Reasoning 22-27 marks
    English Language 12-18 marks
    Quantitative Aptitude 21-26 marks
    General Awareness 25-30 marks
    Computer Knowledge 25-30 marks
    Descriptive Paper 10-15 marks

    Create a Revision Timetable:

    You must maintain a time-table for exam.

    Recognize Key Topics:

    Identify the most important topics to revise and go through them thoroughly. This will not only save you from unnecessary stress but will also boost your confidence.

    Balance your Revision:

    Make sure that you are not revising all the difficult topics on a particular day and the easy ones another day. Balance your revision by blending a difficult topic with an easy one.

    Revise often:

    Manage your time table in a way that you take 10 minutes break in each hour of revision. If you find problem in recalling a topic that is of utmost importance, switch to the method of writing and learning.

    There is no point of reading and re-reading the entire book as it will only increase your stress levels. Just scan through the important points, headings, examples, and charts.

    Manage your time:

    Instead of devoting your time to learning new things, start revising whatever you have studied till date. Make a structured plan

    Give mock tests:

    Try solving at least 5 question papers as it will help you find any difficult areas in the test papers that you have covered and need revision.

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