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    How to choose animation and/or VFX as my career?

    I am a student frm 11th std and have chosen commerce stream. I am very good in accounts, but i want to chose animation and VFX as my carrer. But i want to tell u that i dnt have enough money to do course in animation. So should i chose CA or animation as my career. Thank you

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    Re: How to choose animation and/or VFX as my career?

    Hi aspirant,


    This industry across the world has continued to grow at a rapid pace.
    It can be defined as an art which main moto is to bring life into inanimate objects with the help of various modern computer based sequencing techniques.
    This course is one of the lastest bloomed industry in our country these days.
    There is a great ascending in the demand for this sector as a lucrative career option as the need for skillful professionals has brought about a rise in job opportunities.

    After completion of courses in this field,you can get employment opportunities in:-
    -CD-Rom Production
    -Graphics Designing
    -Three-Dimensional Product Modeling
    -Website Designing
    -Gaming Industry

    You can work as:-
    -Background artist
    -Layout artist
    -Story Broad Artist
    -Clean- up Artist
    -Scanner operator
    -Character animator
    -Special effect artist
    -Digital ink and paint artist
    -Key frame animator
    -Lighting artist
    -Image Editor
    -Rendering artist
    -2-D Animator
    -Texture Artist
    -3-D animator

    The top recruiters are:-
    1. Toonz Animation India
    2. Pentamedia Graphics
    3. Maya Entertainment
    4. UTV Toonz
    5. Heart Entertainment
    6. Padmalaya Telefilms
    7. Nipuna Services Ltd
    8. Jadoo Works
    9. Crest Communications
    10. Silvertoon Studio, Mumbai


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