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    How can I get a job in Google with nice salary?

    Hello Sir/madam
    How can I get a job in Google?

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    Re: How can I get a job in Google with nice salary?

    hello friend,

    -->The companies like google,Oracle.....rarely take the freshers in a year.

    -->They mostly prefer Experienced persons only.

    -->It is tough to select the freshers.

    -->You have a minimum 5 years experience required.

    -->If you are a college student, Contact Placement officer otherwise contact the official websires

    prepare well
    Best of luck.............

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    Re: How can I get a job in Google with nice salary?

    How to get job in Google?
    If you want surely to go in Google for work then you should do work hard. You need to be a smart and amazing person to join the Google.
    In Google you can join these jobs…
    • Google Careers
    • Maps
    • Software testing
    • Web designing
    • Marketing
    • Networking etc.

    How to apply
    1. There is a way that will be some how difficult to you. According to this formula you should go for Google offices which are at worldwide. Like… Bangalore
    2. The second way is so easy. You can participate the seminars of Google recruitments.

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    Re: How can I get a job in Google with nice salary?

    I presume that you are in your graduation stream. Otherwise if you are in your Masters then applying for google would not have been a good idea. After masters HCL, Infosys, Accenture are better choices. But to answer your question, you can definitely go for Google. But cracking through their interview and their tests is a lengthy process. After a test that they take they normally take interviews on some other day. Their interview rounds are of 3-4 length. Their questions are often unusual and can sometimes amaze you also.The post that they give you, I don't think you will be happy with that. I would rather suggest you to opt for IBM or IBM Daksh or Cognizant. Here you will get suitable IT posts or client based jobs or hr posts or advertising posts.

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