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    How to bridge creativity with my academic studies i.e., B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering course?

    Warm greetings

    I am a graduate in B.Tech (Electronics and Communication Engineering). I have passed my graduation this year itself and have been placed in TCS (joining is in end March 2013). Though i am looking forward to MBA after 2 years of job experience, but i have a strong willing sense to take up my career in the creative field.

    Creativity is something that has always fascinated me right from my childhood. Be it animation, fashion designing, interior designing, media, but foremost MUSIC and Animation, creative fields have always attracted me. I want a field that uses my imagination and creativity, a field that provides me flying wings beyond the horizon. I really want to build up my career in creativity.

    But the problem lies, that now i have a base of engineering and i don't want it to get wasted, but at the same time want a creative field. I am really confused how to bridge these together. Kindly guide me to which path should i take upon.

    Looking forward to soon reply,
    Preshtha Sohal
    ( from Delhi)

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