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    How to become a Virology scientist?

    Good Morning
    How to become a Virology scientist?

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    Re: How to become a Virology scientist?

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    Good Morning
    How to become a Virology scientist?
    To become Virology Scientist You should first clear All the Virologies studies in P.hd or Masters then you can try for scientist ......

    The Complete details of Virology are:

    Virologist studies the viruses and virus infections and its existence. Where some virologists study the composition and function of newly discovered antiviral compounds.

    As you know virologists works mainly in the laboratories.

    To become Virologists you should be of Biology background.

    It is clear that the students who had biology major in college and attended graduate school to either get Masters or Ph.D can become successful virologists.

    To get good success as virologist the aspirant like you must get lab experience this lab experience can be gained only after working as research students. Most of the labs will give research opportunities from your graduation on wards.

    After getting this experience you can become a scientist in virology.

    The only educational qualification required to become virologist is you should have a strong Background in Life sciences or biochemistry .

    Masters level programs that include coursework,lab study and research. But in order be a specialist in virology you have to complete your Ph.D level education.

    The institute which offer reserach opportunities are as follows.

    ->National Institute of Virology,Pune.

    This is the only Institute available in India to give you the opportunity of research .

    Hope you get into this to fulfill your dream.

    good luck !!!!

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