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    How to become a software engineer after B.Sc (IT)?

    Respected Sir/Ma'am,
    How to become a software engineer after B.Sc IT?
    I've recently given the HSC exams and want to become a software engineer. Unfortunately, I couldn't give the entrance exam (JEE) due to severe illness. One of my teachers adviced me to opt for B.Sc IT. Since I'm unaware of the process of becoming a software engineer after completing B.Sc IT, will you please tell me the whole process?

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    spider man
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    Re: How to become a software engineer after B.Sc (IT)?

    Hello friend
    There are other options for you to join enginering like you can seat through state exams
    Not only B.Sc(IT), you can others like
    1. BCA
    2. B.Sc(maths, physics and computers)
    3. B.Sc(maths, electronics and computers) also

    After completing these courses you should do MCA or M.Sc(computers) to become and software engineer
    Also you can job directly in software companies after completing B.Sc or BCA

    all the best.........

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    Re: How to become a software engineer after B.Sc (IT)?

    Dear Friend,

    You have done the BSC(IT).

    It means that you are software Developer.

    Go For the MCA after this.

    Then you will become the software engineer.

    If you are experience then you will get the senior software engineer jobs.

    So, go for the MCA.

    Thank You!!!!

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    pabolu manikanta
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    Re: How to become a software engineer after B.Sc (IT)?

    Hi Friend..........

    Bachelor of Science course of study in the Information Technology course of study and after the completion of the B.Sc in IT you can get in to the IT companies after your B.Sc IT course of study and also you can take up the higher studies such as the
    MBA in IT
    for getting in to the software companies,as with the B.Sc It there will be no much job prospects as this degree comes under the bachelor degree and not the graduation course of study .
    If you had take up the B.Tech then there will be much chances for getting in to the software companies..when compared to the Bachelor degree courses of study..

    so, dude in order to become software engineer with your bachelor degree only then you need to get good percentage in your bachelor degree course of study with at least of the 70% and also should have good programming skills in the languages like the

    Dude for getting more chances or to get in tot he MNC's you need to complete your post graduation also for having good prospects in the IT field for the software engineers...
    So,take up the MCA course of study for getting good job prospects after the B.Sc in It field o study,you have less chances and also less prospects for getting in to the career of software engineers and also top MNC's will recruit mainly of the candidates of the B.Tech or the MCA/MBA in IT graduates...

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    Re: How to become a software engineer after B.Sc (IT)?


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