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    How to become a research scholar?

    How to become a research scholar?

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    Re: How to become a research scholar?

    Dear Candidate,
    -Being a Research Scholar is not a child's game.It involves a lot of hard work.
    -All of it begins at undergraduate level.First of all,you need to be associated with a professor of a reputed institution,such as the IISER,IIT,BARC or Other reputed colleges,who are working in the same field as you are interested in.
    You can work as an intern under them.This is a very big deal.
    -There are also some of the institutions such as NIUS which allow you to work for a period of 3 yrs and you have a chance of getting a journal in that field on your name.This gets you a name in the field of research.
    -Remember that you have to keep studying.This is the only way of achieving what you dream of.
    Good Luck.

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