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    How to become a Physics scientist?


    How to become a physics scientist

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    Re: How to become a Physics scientist?

    Hello dear,
    I am so impressed that you want to be a physics scientist. These days, seldom have I seen people going for physics genre. I do not know if you have completed your graduation or not.But as you
    yourself can understand from your query that you need to be a graduate first and foremost from physics genre. After that you need a respective M.Sc. If possible then do an electronics M.Tech too.
    After that you start your research work. Meanwhile along your master degrees you must publish quite a big amount of papers. Your publications will increase your material for scientific and research work.
    Now for research work choose any good abroad university. There you will get a wide chance of increasing your research work and scientific work. If your research work is of good value then you can apply
    for scientist positions in any abroad institute. If you can get promoted to group D position of scientific work, then your salary will be real high. But for all this to happen, your research work need to be of great value with a good backing of numerous papers published.

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