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    How to become a Network Admin?

    How to become a Network Admin?

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    Re: How to become a Network Admin?

    The candidate should pursue networking courses in order to get in to the role of Network Admin. Some courses in networking insist 10+2 pass as the basic qualification where as some other specify graduation for the purpose. Courses offered by CISCO are better to obtain a rewarding career in networking. Courses like CCNA, CCNP, etc will also be helpful. It is better to go for networking course after completing graduation in computer related subjects. This will increase the career prospect of the candidate in future. The course study offers great career growth along with rewarding salary packages.

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    Re: How to become a Network Admin?

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    How to become a Network Admin?
    Computer network is the interconnection of two or more computer systems and the secondary devices which permits them to communicate with one another. Network administration is considered to be a very difficult task.

    They are responsible for managing the network systems such as local area networks, wide area networks and the online functions for a business organization.

    Other responsibilities of them include maintenance of companyís software and hardware, ensuring network security issues and troubleshooting problems.

    In short, network administrators are the professionals who are entrusted with the responsibility of building, supervising and performing maintenance on the components that make up computer networks.

    Qualifying Exam For Network Admin

    Network administrators need at least a bachelorís degree in related field.
    Most of them have a bachelorís degree in computer science or information systems or mathematics or any other concerned field.
    Many employers recruit graduates who have a broad technical knowledge and relevant experience.

    To Apply for this Job The following eligibility is required:

    You can join for the bachelorís degree in computer science or information systems or related subjects after qualifying their HS education or equivalent with mathematics from any reputed institution.

    Key points in the process

    Study 12th or equivalent with Mathematics and pursue good marks in the concerned examinations of any recognized board.
    Pursue the bachelorís degree in computer science or information system or related field from a reputed university.
    Gain experience by joining in any company which offers the entry level job in network field.
    Search out for the network administrator jobs and apply for it after obtaining relevant experience.

    Skills required for a Network Administrator

    Network administratorsí jobs are the difficult one compared to all other jobs related to computer field.
    The network administrators need a strong technical and network knowledge to perform in this field.

    good luck !!!!!

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