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    How to become a good software developer?

    I want to know about my carier.
    I have done bca from ccs university with 58% ,now i want get the job in I.T. field at the post of programing development but
    i want know programing lenguage only c & c now tell me,how to make a good software developar please tell and i want to know carrier of I.T. Field.

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    Re: How to become a good software developer?

    To become a software developer first we have to know the basic computer programs and learn more additional courses related to programming area where as (c, c++, java, oracle, ASP.net, Networking, PHP, Software testing) these are some important courses, if we learn we get more knowledge from that. So, it will help us to get into the IT field easily. More over after finishing the courses we have to gain some programming knowledge regarding to software area. And we also try to create our own coding and to develop a new Software and Applications. These are the ways to become a good software developer.

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    Re: How to become a good software developer?

    Hi aspirant,

    The software business is the one which has the maximum growth rate in the past few years,due to the fact that computers have become an integral part of our life,and software are an integral part of computers.

    First of all in technical words,it is necessary to have a technical degree in the field of computers that is B.TECH(Bachelor Of Technology),MCA(Master Of Computer Application),M.TECH(Master Of Technology).But the most important fact is that you must have good knowledge in few technologies that are very dominantly used in the software field.The technologies like ASP.NET,PHP,JAVA,SEO(Search Engine Optimization).

    These are the present technologies that is having the most frequent use in software field.Now you must learn any one of these technologies and study them by heart,to work as a developer in any software company.

    Along with that a good communication skill is other most necessary requirement for applying in the software companies.
    The simple straight equation is that you must know the work which is being done in the software companies,that is already mentioned you must learn those technologies.

    There are numerous software companies currently and getting a job would not be a tough task if you have proper skills and knowledge.Some of the top Companies that mostly visit colleges for interviews are listed below:

    SYNTEL etc.


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    Re: How to become a good software developer?

    Dear Friend,

    To become a good software Developer you should have the following skills:

    Good problem solving skills

    good knowledge in programming

    Good communication skills


    You should also have good programming skills .

    your mind should be creative...

    Thank You!!!!

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    Re: How to become a good software developer?

    Hi Friend ,

    To become a good Software Developer , you need to have clear concepts and practice a lots of programming. Just solving problems will not suffice, you need to find the optimal Solution.

    You need to have good knowledge of Programming Languages, of how you can write the effective code using less resources (like variables) yet producing the output with least lines of code.
    Also you need to program according to the given requirement.
    You can follow books for Programming Languages like C, Java, C# which will help you become a good developer.

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    Re: How to become a good software developer?

    My dear friend.

    Software development is not an easy process.

    It requires lot of skills.

    Also you should be good in various programming languages like:-

    --> Java

    --> PHP

    --> C++

    --> C# etc.

    Software development process consists of 7 phases.

    These are:-

    --> Requirement Gathering

    --> Financial requirements

    --> Designing

    --> Coding

    --> Testing

    --> Implementation

    --> Post Implementation

    You should have full knowledge of all these phases.

    You should know that what is to be done in which phase.

    By knowing all this and working hard you can set into the software development field and can become a good software developer.

    I hope the information will be helpful.


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