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    How to become a Data Entry Operator?

    How to become a Data Entry Operator?

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    Re: How to become a Data Entry Operator?

    Hello friend..!!

    ->To become a data entry operator,you have to go through with computers and their application so that you can access the database which stores the data.

    ->For data entry operator ,you have to familiar with computers and the database like Microsoft access,SQL,ORACLE.

    ->You have to solve the queries related to the database that how to access the data,modify the data or delete the data from the database.

    ->The main is Microsoft access through which you can get a job in some good company,big books market etc.

    thank u!!
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    Re: How to become a Data Entry Operator?

    My dear friend you can Become a Data Entry Operator easily.
    For that you need to have the knowledge of Data Entering software and the the place where data is collected or stored. That place is called Database.

    The main Data Entering and Managing Software are:

    --> Microsoft Excel

    --> Microsoft Office

    --> Foxpro

    --> DBASE etc.

    The main Database which is most commonly used for data processing and storage is Oracle's SQL (Structured Query Language) Server.

    You can Become a data entering operator by doing Diploma in Computer Science Engineering.
    There you will learn the data entering techniques and methods for becoming a Data Entry Operator.

    The Flow of data is shown below in the picture:


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