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    How to become an animator after 12th?

    how to become a animator?? i am in 10th and want to do animation after my 12??? so plz wanted some information.? would be glad if u help?

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    Re: How to become an animator after 12th?

    Hello My Dear Dude ..

    How about you ?? ?

    You need to Appear for the Animator Written test

    You must be aware of Latest techniques being used in the field of animation

    You must have a Good knowledge in programming

    You may go for the Courses like

    <> JAVA

    <> C++

    Their might be tests in Acting ... visualization .... Clay modelling ...etc.,


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    Re: How to become an animator after 12th?

    which stream do i have to choose after 10th to become an animator in the future....????and what are the most important skills required to be a successfull animator..???

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    Re: How to become an animator after 12th?

    Well for being an animator one thing you will definitely need is that your drawing skills. If you have good drawing skills of cartoons and background
    scenes, then this 2D and 3D tools will help you greatly. So as I said when your basic thing is ready you can definitely go for animation courses as a
    professional one. Learn both 2D and VFX 3D tools to enhance your your animation skills. You can log onto http://www.eplusanimation.com/Animation_Jobs.html to both join in the animation course in the E-CAM college of Mumbai and also post for jobs in different parts of India and abroad. Also there is ARENA, very popular for its 3D courses. But for ARENA one thing is that the cost is very high and may go upto even 2 lacs per course. So think about the money also before enrolling into any course.

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