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    How 12th compartment exam will affect my career?

    i am fail in 12th science(pcm) in 1 subject math.what will i do compartmen exam or reappear exam.if, compartment exam then what is effect my carrer? My precentage is 44

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    Re: How 12th compartment exam will affect my career?

    Hi friend,

    You must give your compartment exam this year so that you don't need

    to wait for one year fully to finish and go waste. You have compartment in

    12th exam in just one subject. Students having compartment in more than 3

    subjects cannot write this exam since you have in only one subject you can

    attend it. So that you can continue your career without wasting one year.

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    manbir kaur
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    Re: How 12th compartment exam will affect my career?

    With this marks its very difficult to sit for most of the competitive entrance exams and even get honors subjects to study for that matter.

    So yes its better if you give the exam another time from your school only as an external.

    For that you have to write a letter to the boards. Take help from the administrative officers in your school. They will guide you through this.*

    When the formalities are done. Start preparing hard for the exam. Hope you will do well this time.

    Hope you got your answer.
    Best of luck.

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