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    Which honours subject will be better between Software and Networking?

    I am continuing B.sc.itm in Ravenshaw university.there are two honours subjects I.E. 1.software 2.Networking. I do not know anything about it. which will better for my future career?

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    pabolu manikanta
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    Re: Which honours subject will be better between Software and Networking?

    Hello Friend.......

    Networking and the software both are good fields for jobs and there are many different roles which are included in both the software and also the networking fields.The Networking and the software are done generally after the completion of the graduation course of study either in the computer science or the Information technology courses of study...

    Some of the different roles in the networking are of
    *Network Administrator
    *Network system engineer
    *Network Service Technician
    *Network Program/Analyst
    *Network/Information system Analyst
    These are the different types of the networking careers which are available and also the career in the networking is also good with more jobs and in order to operate any machine the main thing to be needed is the network and the need of network administrator is very important for every software or the hardware organisations.........

    The software is also one of the good fields for the computer and information technology graduates and it is the area where one can earn up to unlimited with the effort and the knowledge one had...
    There are also different roles which are present in the software also and some of them are..
    *Software programmer
    *Software Analyst
    *Software Management
    *Software Development
    *Data Base Administration
    These are some of the roles of the software engineers.............
    You can choose and of these two careers and both of these are good and will have good future........
    Depending on your interest you can take up any of the course of study..

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    Re: Which honours subject will be better between Software and Networking?

    Hello Friend !!

    Actually both the software and networking will provide you good job opportunities and salary packages once you get some experience in the respective field.
    But you can switch between field,but you will face the problem of being a fresher in the newer field.

    So for the very begining you choose your field wisely according to your area of interest(whether you like programming or computer networks),then only choose your field.

    Courses for software jobs:

    linux or unix
    oracle etc.......

    Courses for networking jobs:
    ccna(cisco certified network associate)
    jetking networking course.

    Best of luck..........

    Hope above information helps you.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Which honours subject will be better between Software and Networking?

    Sir,now i am pursuing B.Sc.(I.T.M) in RAVENSHAW UNIVERSITY(CTC) after completed Diploma in E.T.C engg.can i do B.E.D after completing my B.Sc(ITM).

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