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    Which has more scope between Aerospace engineering and Mechanical engineering?

    Among aerospace engineering and mechanical engineering which has more scope in future...?
    among them which has an interesting career...?

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    Re: Which has more scope between Aerospace engineering and Mechanical engineering?

    HI Dear Friend ...

    There is an Each and Equal importance for both the Streams

    @ Mechanical engineering

    @ Aerospace engineering ...

    So This is all mostly depends on your Aims and all ...

    So first of think of your Self

    And get and choose a Decision ..

    As per my knowledge you better to go for MECHANICAL engineering .. as there are huge opportunities in the Government sector ...


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    Re: Which has more scope between Aerospace engineering and Mechanical engineering?

    dear you may confuse in choosing which course is best between aerospace and mechanical,i am there here to help you out .
    coming to mechanical engineering
    this course is one of the
    broadest, and
    oldest engineering course ever.

    this course is chosen by many young students like you to build a good career path .
    this field mainly concentrates on
    • Mechanics,
    • energy and heat,
    • mathematics,
    • engineering sciences,
    • design and manufacturing form the foundation of mechanical engineering.
    mechanical engineering is one of the core course in engineering,better to give priority to go for mechanical engineering.you can also work in aerospace comapnies after your mechanical engineeirng stream.
    employment scale
    Mechanical Engineers are the second highest employed engineers among all others with only 7% unemployed whereas any normal Engineering stream would have around 15% unemployed Engineers worldwide.
    It has a very good scope in
    • automobile industry,
    • oil and gas production companies,
    • aeronautical field,
    • cement industries,
    • design sector,
    • chemical industries,
    • steel, power sector,
    • heavy machinery sector,
    • information technology, Defence Hydraulics,etc,

    coming to aerospace engineering course
    this course is very good course compare with mechanical engineering as you have wide opportunities in the abroad but you have to pay more to complete this course , if you are financially strong than you can go for this course .
    this course will provide you multi faceted training like
    manufacturing and development of aircraft's and missiles.you can also design, test and contribute to the development of advanced technologies in the field of defense and space science.
    you will get the opportunity to work in ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) and the Defense Ministry.
    and many jobs available in
    Civil Aviation Department,
    National Aeronautical Laboratory,

    Defense Research and Development Laboratories (DRDO) and Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL).
    A lot of job opportunities for you in aeronautical engineers are also available in the countries like United States of America,
    France, UK and

    so dear all the best.

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    Re: Which has more scope between Aerospace engineering and Mechanical engineering?

    Dear Friend,

    Both engineering is better but it will depends on your interest.

    if you are interested in Airospace work then go for the Aerospace engineering.

    And if you want a machine work then go for the Mechanical engineering.

    most people are willing for the Mechanical engineering .

    because this engineering has a high scope in the current world.

    Many big machinaries are based on this engineering.

    Thank You!!!!

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