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    Guidance for selecting a project topic/idea related to finance for BBM students.

    im pursuing my final bbm n in this sem we have to go with undertaking the projects... could you pls guide me on which topic of finance i could take up my project...i would like to prepare my project on one insurance co. so pleas suggest me some topic on insurance co related to finance

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    Re: Guidance for selecting a project topic/idea related to finance for BBM students.

    Hey here are some topics for projects :

    International finance
    Cost and financial analysis
    Working Capital management -
    The Impact of Working Capital Management on Cash Holdings
    Capital structure - Capital Structure and Dividend Policy: Evidence from Emerging Markets
    Ratio analysis - Financial Performance Using Ratio Analysis
    Financial Modelling of a company for last 10 years, leading to a analysis of its ratios.
    Liquidity Analysis
    Comparative Valuation
    Corporate lending
    Industry analysis and company analysis on a scenario basis, competitiveness, growth potential and credit analysis
    Debtor management
    Research in Risk management, Banking, Derivatives etc
    International Banking, Foreign Exchange, Monetary Economics, Micro Finance, Rural Finance
    The Effects of Financial Constraints on Corporate Investment Decisions and Demand for Liquidity
    Corporate finance
    Capital budgeting -
    Capital Budgeting and Initial Cash Outlay(ICO) Uncertainty
    Virtual finance
    Financial Planning and forecasting
    Structured Finance
    Computational finance
    Optimization Methods in Finance
    Dependence on external finance: an inherent industry characteristic?
    Project Finance as a Tool for Growth
    Creating Value through Financial Management
    Cost Reduction and Control
    New Financial Approaches for the Economic Sustainability in Manufacturing Industry
    Activity-based costing and management
    Fundamental Analysis to Assess Earnings Quality
    EQA Earnings quality Analysis
    Zero Base Budgeting
    International business - Project Reports on International business
    International finance
    Investment banking
    Investment management
    Venture Capital - Venture Capitalists on the Seed Stage Arena: A Fit or Misfit

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