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    Is it a good decision to choose HR specialization in BBA?

    hello sir
    is it good to choose hr in bba?

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    Re: Is it a good decision to choose HR specialization in BBA?

    Hello Dear Friend,

    Yes,HR is one of the good decision.You can find number of good opportunities in almost all the companies.Without HR Department there is no company to survive.But You must be having following qualities to get a good job in HR Field;

    1.Excellent Communication Skills
    2.Problem Solving Skills
    3.Good Listening Skills
    4.Managerial Skills
    5.Leadership Skills
    6.No Partiality in the Work
    7.Friendly with the employees
    8.Problem Identification Skills
    9.Decision Making Skills
    10.Innovative thinking Skills towards Problems

    But try to do it from good business schools then only You can get good opportunities.

    Top Management Institutes in India:

    1.Indian Institute of management-Ahmadabad
    2.Management development institute-Gurgaon
    3.Xaviour Labour relations Institute-Jamshedpur
    4.Faculty Management studies-Delhi
    5.National Institute of Industrial Engineering-Mumbai
    6.SP Jain institute of management and Research-Mumbai
    7.Indian institute of foreign Trade-New Delhi
    8.Institute of Management Technology-Ghaziabad
    9.Shailesh Mehta school of Management,IIT-mumbai
    10.Xaviour Institute of Management-Mumbai

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