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    Give me a brief about A.P history? In which book I can get the history clearly for UPSC Mains History preparation?

    Give me a brief about A.P history? In which book I can get the history clearly?

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    Hello Friend

    History of Andhra Pradesh :

    The History of A.P can be traced to the Andhra Kingdom of the Iron age Maha Janapada period, succeeded by the satavahana Empire. Most of the A.P people seem to be linked with the arrival of the sage called Vishwamitra to the banks of Krishna-Godavari.

    The Satavahana Empire followed by Maha-Janapada period built a great city Amaravathi under its Zenith Satakami. They were instrumental in ushering the era of Ashokan Buddhism in Andhra.

    Andhra Ikshvakus ruled the eastern Andhra country along the Krishna river during the later half of the 2nd century.

    Pallavas extended their rule from Southern Andhra to Tamil regions and established their capital at Kanchipuram around the 4th century. Narasimhavarman I dominated the southern Telugu abd Northern parts of Tamil region until the end of the 9th century.

    Between 624 and 1323 Kakatiya dynasty emerged as largest state which brought the entire Telugu land under one rule. During this period the Telugu language emerged as a literary medium and predominated Prakrit and Sanskrit with the contributions of Nannaya.

    The Chalukya Chola dynasty rule the Cholas from 1070 until the demise of the empire in the second half of the 13th century. In 1323 Delhi sultan Ghiyat al-Din Tughluq sent a large army under Ulugh Khan to conquer the telugu country and siege to warangal.

    The arrival of Europeans notably the French under Bussy and English under Robert clive ended another era of A.P history, In 1765 Lord Robert Clive then existing chief and council at Vizagapatnam obtained from the Mughal emperor Shah Alam a grant of five circars. In 1792 the British got the complete supremacy, when they defeated Maharaja Vijaya Rama Gajapathi Raju of Vizayanagaram.

    The foundation of the modern A.P was laid by Indian Independence struggle under Gandhi. The struggle for an independent state by Potti Sriramulu and social reform movements by Tangootori Prakasam Panthulu and Veeresilingam panthulu started the building the next era. A fully democratic society with two political parties modern science and economics emerged under the C.M N.T.Rama Rao.

    After India got the Independence in 1947, the Nizam of Hyderabad wanted to retain his independence from India and he forced to accede his kingdom to India in 1948 as the Hyderabad state. Andhra state was the first state in India that has been formed on a mainly linguistic basis by carving it out from Madras Presidency in 1953.

    Later on Andhra state emerged as Andhra Pradesh with Hyderabad as a State capital in the year 1956 November 1st which the Andhra People celebrated as Andhra Pradesh formation day.

    Dude if you waqnt to know about the History of India and the Freedom struggle movement in India for your preparation UPSC examination then my best suggestion is

    1. NCERT books ( from class 6th to 10th ) -

    This can be helpful for you to know different aspects like Ancient India, Medieval India, Modern India, Freedom struggle, story of civilization......etc

    2. Tata McGraw Hill - This mainly covers each and every part of the Indian History and also available in 9 volumes for the complete UPSC exam preparation.

    So dude for ant further information you can leave your message here.


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    Re: Give me a brief about A.P history? In which book I can get the history clearly for UPSC Mains History preparation?


    Andhra Pradesh is one of the state of the country, which takespride in its rich historical and cultural heritage. A peek into the Historyof Andhra Pradesh can give an idea of the glorious past the state haswitnessed. The brief history of Andhra Pradesh can be classified intofour prime periods.


    Historians believe that the original people of Andhra Pradesh were Aryans. Theymigrated to the south of Vindhyas and there they mixed up with other races. Amajor part of Emperor Ashoka's kingdom, Andhra Pradesh was an importantBuddhist center of that time. Several places in the state still bears thetraces of the Buddhist culture and influence.

    Theearlier period

    The Satavahana dynasty is perhaps the earliest dynasty that ruled in AndhraPradesh. This was during the second century B.C and they were also known as theAndhras. Amravati, on the banks of river Krishna was their capital. Theypromoted national and international trade and were great followers of Buddhism.After the end of the Satavahana reign, the state was ruled by the Pallavas, theChalukyas, the Cholas and the Kakaityas respectively.

    Theperiod of Muslim expansion

    The Kakatiya dynasty was uprooted in 1323,following the capture of their ruler by Tughlak Sultan of Delhi. After the endof the Kakatiya dynasty, few local kingdoms rose to power in different parts ofthe kingdom. Among these, the Vijaynagar kingdom was the most powerful one. Thegreat king Krishnadeva Raya belonged to that kingdom. After failing time andagain against the Vijayanagar empire, the kingdom was finally captured by the Musliminvaders. In the middle of the 16th century, the state saw the emergence of theQutb Shahi dynaty. They were defeated by the Mughals, to be precise byAurangazeb's son. In 1707, Hyderabad was declared independent and went underthe rule of the Nizams. The Nizams were great allies of the British and theyhelped the Europeans to defeat Tipu Sultan of Mysore.

    Thepost independence period

    Afterthe Indian independence, Andhra Pradesh became the first state to be formed onthe basis of language. The Telegu speaking people were given twenty onedistricts, out of which nine were in the Nizam's Dominions and the rest in theMadras Presidency. However following an agitation in 1953, eleven districts ofthe Madras state were taken to form a new Andhra state with Kurnool as itscapital. Nine districts under the Nizam were later added to form the enlargedstate of Andhra Pradesh in 1956. Hyderabad became the capital of the state,which is one of the most technologically advanced cities of the modern India.

    Best books for UPSCmains History preparation:-
    2.Bipin Chandra.
    Best of luck.

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    Re: Give me a brief about A.P history? In which book I can get the history clearly for UPSC Mains History preparation?

    History of AP (Andhra Pradesh ) :

    Andhra Pradesh was a major Buddhist Centre & part of Emperor Ashola's sprawling kingdom
    after the death of Emperor Ashoka , Several dynasties from the
    Vijayanagaram Kings
    Qutb Shahis
    Asaf Jahi's ruled this princely city

    for more details : http://www.aptourism.in

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