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    Give the complete details about ECE stream. What will I study in ECE in 4 yrs of B.Tech?

    Can i get details about ECE stream?
    What i have to study in ECE in 4 years of my b.tech , can you give me the details?

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    pabolu manikanta
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    Re: Give the complete details about ECE stream. What will I study in ECE in 4 yrs of B.Tech?

    Hi Dude.....

    Electronics and Communication engineering is the one of the Branches of study in the Bachelor degree course of study and it mainly deals with the study of the Electronics,Communication and computers ...
    This course of study in the Engineering and technology is the 4 years course.This course of study will give you the job opportunities in the electronics field and also in the software fields also....
    There are many higher study options are also available that is the specializations in the
    Electronics Branches of study for further career prospects....
    The subjects which you will be going to study under the Electronics and Communication Engineering Branch of study are...
    *Core Subjects Like:
    >>Signals and systems
    >>Network Theory
    >>Electronic Devices and circuits
    >>Electromagnetic field theory
    >>Digital Electronics
    >>Electronic Materials and Processes
    >>Communication work shop
    >>Digital circuits and design lab
    >>Electronics Workshop
    >>Microwave Engineering
    >>Control system Engineering
    >>Digital Signal Processing
    >>Microprocessor lab
    >>Optical Communication
    >>Remote Sensing
    >>Satellites communication...
    These are some of the core subjects which you will be studying under the ECE Stream...
    You will be also learning about the computers subjects such as
    Programming Languages...
    These are some of the studies which you will be studying about in your B.Tech ECE Stream......
    There are also many career options are also available for the ECE Streams of study and many government and also private organisations are also available for the ECE Engineering Graduates....

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    Re: Give the complete details about ECE stream. What will I study in ECE in 4 yrs of B.Tech?


    ECE stands for Electronics and Communication Engineering.ECE is a combination of both Software as well as Hardware concepts.You will get jobs in either of the two sectors.Because of this reason students are showing much interest in this stream and having huge demand.

    In First Year of ECE you will study Concepts like:-
    Applied Physics
    Computers and Information Technology
    C(C and Data Structures)
    Network Analysis(NA)
    Electronic Devices and Circuits(EDC)
    Engineering Drawing.
    And you will have labs for EDC,NA,CDS,Drawing

    Second year is divided into semester pattern i.e..,Sem-I and Sem-II
    Probability and Statistical Theory
    Environmental Studies
    Signals and Systems
    basic Electronics and Electricals(BEE)
    Electronic Circuit Analysis
    Electronic Circuits Lab
    BEE Lab
    Pulse and Digital Circuits(PDC)
    Object Oriented Programming(OOP)
    Control Systems(CS)
    Switching Theory and Logic Design(STLD)
    EM waves and Transmission Lines
    Analog Communications(AC)
    Labs you will have:-AC Lab
    PDC Lab

    3rd Year:-
    Managerial Economics and Financial Analysis(MEFA)
    Compute Organisation(CO)
    Linear IC Applications(LICA)
    Digital IC Applications(DICA)
    Antennas and Wave Propogation(AWP)
    Digital Communications(DC)
    Labs:-DC Lab
    IC Applications and ECAD Lab

    Sem-II syllabus:-
    Management Science(MS)
    Telecommunication Switching Systems
    Digital Signal Processing
    VLSI Design
    Microwave Propogation
    Microprocessors and Interfacing
    Labs:-ECAD Lab
    English skills Lab

    Fourth Year Syllabus:-
    Computer Networks(CN)
    Electronic Measurements and Instrumentation(EMI)
    Cellular and Mobile Communication
    Radar Systems
    The other two subjects are electives each college will select any of them given by the JNTU university.

    Optical Communications
    The other two subjects are electives.
    This is the entire four year curriculum for ECE students.

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    Re: Give the complete details about ECE stream. What will I study in ECE in 4 yrs of B.Tech?

    Hello friend , In the present scenario ECE is the best branch in terms of placement . ECE branch is the bridge between IT sector and core sector. In this branch you will learn about all the fundamentals of electronic circuits, chips, integrated circuits , VLSI , power electronics and computer. It deals with all the equipment which makes our life easier and enjoyful like mobiles , computers , calculator , television etc. Today almost every engineering college offers this course. You can study ECE in IITs , NITs , and DTU and other private colleges. You have to study the following things-
    DSP Architectures and Systems
    Statistical Theory of Communication
    Communication Switching Systems
    Photonic Devices and Systems
    Computer Networks
    Communication Electronic Circuits
    Microwave Components and Circuits
    Satellite Communication

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    Re: Give the complete details about ECE stream. What will I study in ECE in 4 yrs of B.Tech?

    Here I have uploaded the full syllabus of ece. Please go through this to learn more about the subjects to study right from the first to last year.
    Hope this helps you
    Attached Files

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    Vikas hrc
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    Re: Give the complete details about ECE stream. What will I study in ECE in 4 yrs of B.Tech?

    Hi friend
    In ece branch you will have to study about diodes,transistors,other electronic devices and about communication systems like radios, wireless communication, fiber optics etc.
    I have attached the layout of this course for your reference.
    However it may vary a bit from college to college.

    BE (Electronics and Communication Engineering)

    HU 1101 Technical English 1.0
    PH 1101 Physics- I 1.0
    CH 1201 Engineering Chemistry 1.0
    MA 1101 Mathematics- I 1.0
    ME 1101 Engineering Mechanics 1.0
    ME 1102 Engineering Graphics 1.0
    CP 1202 Unix & C Programming 1.0
    PH 1102/ Physics Lab./
    CH 1202 Chemistry Lab. 0.5
    PE 1102 Work Shop Practice- I 0.5
    GA 1002 NCC/ NSS/ PT & Games/ Creative Arts 0.5

    MA 2101 Mathematics- II 1.0
    EE 2101 Basic Electrical Engineering 1.0
    CP 2101 Data Structure in C++ 1.0
    CH 2103 Environmental Science 1.0
    PH 2103 Physics- II 1.0
    ME 2102 Computer Aided Drafting 1.0
    CH 1202/ Chemistry Lab./
    PH 1102 Physics Lab. 0.5
    ME 2104/ Engineering Mechanics Lab./
    EE 3102 Basic Electrical Engineering Lab. 0.5
    CP 2102 Data Structure Lab. 0.5
    PE 2102 Workshop Practice- II 0.5
    GA 2002 NCC/ NSS/ PT & Games/ Creative Arts 0.5

    MA 3103 Mathematics III 1.0
    EE 3101 Introduction to System Theory 1.0
    PH 3101 Material Science 1.0
    ME 3207 Principle of Mechanical Engg. 1.0
    EC 3101 Basic Electronics 1.0
    EC 3103 Electronic Instrumentation and
    Measurement 1.0
    EC 3102 Basic Electronics Lab 0.5
    EC 3104 Electronic Instrumentation and
    Measurement Lab 0.5
    PH 3102 Material Science Lab 0.5
    EE 3102 Basic Electrical Lab 0.5
    GA 3002 NCC/NSS/ PT & Games/ Creative Arts 0.5

    EC 4101 Digital Electronics 1.0
    EC 4105 Discrete & Integrated Analog Circuits 1.0
    EC 4107 Semiconductor Devices 1.0
    EC 4111 Analog Communication System 1.0
    CP 4103 Scientific Computing 1.0
    EE 4105 Network Theory 1.0
    EC 4102 Digital Electronics Lab. 0.5
    EC 4106 Discrete & Integrated Analog
    Circuits Lab. 0.5
    EC 4112 Analog Communication Lab 0.5
    CP 4104 Scientific Computing Lab. 0.5
    GA 4002 NCC/ NSS/ PT & Games/ Creative Arts 0.5

    electrical engineering.jpg

    EC 5101 Microprocessor & Interfacing 1.0
    EC 5103 Electromagnetic Theory 1.0
    EC 5105 Digital Communication System 1.0
    EC 5107 Data Communication 1.0
    NC 4105 Data Base Management Systems NC
    EE 6105 Linear Control Theory 1.0
    EE 4311 Principles of Electrical Machines 1.0
    EC 5102 Microprocessor Application Lab 0.5
    EC 5106 Digital Communication Lab. 0.5
    CP 4106 Data Base Management System Lab 0.5
    EE 6106 Control Systems Lab. 0.5

    EC 6101 Industrial Electronics 1.0 EC 6102 Industrial Electronics Lab 0.5
    EC 6103 Computer Networking EC 6108 Fiber Optics Comm. Lab 0.5
    EC 6107 Fiber Optics Communication System 1.0 EC 6112 VLSI Design Lab 0.5
    EC 6111 VLSI Design 1.0 EE 5108 Digital Signal Processing Lab 0.5
    CP 4107 Operating Systems 1.0
    EE 5107 Digital Signal Processing 1.0

    EC 7101 Telecommunication Switching
    Circuit & Networks
    1.0 EC 7102 Wireless Communication
    & Networking Lab
    EC 7103 Antenna & Wave Propagation 1.0 EC 7106 Microwave Lab 0.5
    EC 7105 Microwave Engineering 1.0 EC 7110 Project 1.o
    EC 7113 Mobile & Cellular Communication 1.0 Elective-I
    List of Electives
    EC 7107 Fundamentals of Embedded
    1.0 CP 5105 Soft Computing 1.0
    EC 7109 Bioelectronics Instrumentation 1.0 EE 7117 Neural Network 1.0
    BT 8004 Introduction to Bioinformatics 1.0 CP Mobile Computing 1.0
    EC 7111 Information and Coding Theory 1.0
    EC 7115 Microelectronics Engineering 1.0 0.5
    EC 7117 Artificial Intelligence & Expert
    1.0 1.0
    EC 7119 Random Variable and Stochastic
    EC 7121 Advanced Microprocessors 1.0

    EC8101 Intelligent Instrumentation 1.0 MB8001 Principles of Management 1.0
    EC8103 Digital Video Signal Coding 1.0 Elective-III 0.5
    EC8105 Satellite Comm. System 1.0 Elective-IV 0.5
    EC8102 Instrumentation Lab 0.5 EC8104 Advanced Communication Lab 0.5
    EC8110 Project 1.0
    List of Electives
    EC8107 Radar Engineering 1.0 EC8119 Introduction & Programming
    of Micro-controllers
    EC8109 Optical Networks 1.0 CP 7043 Cryptography & Network
    EC8111 VHDL & ASIC Tools 1.0 CP 7117 Digital Image processing 1.0
    EC8113 Speech Processing CP 7119 Advanced Computer
    EC8117 Digital Signal Processing Architecture 1.0 CP 8121 Pattern Recognition 1.0.

    I am sure that the whole syllabus is clear to you now.

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    Re: Give the complete details about ECE stream. What will I study in ECE in 4 yrs of B.Tech?

    can u say which subjects are more important or which subjects need more practice in ECE?

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    Re: Give the complete details about ECE stream. What will I study in ECE in 4 yrs of B.Tech?

    Hi aspirant,

    Electronics and Communication engineering is one of the 4 years Bachelor of Technology course that deals with the transmission process of signal from sender to receiver. Its main objective is to provide a elaborate and absorbing ideas about analog and digital conversion of signal, their medium and and the process through which their transmission is controlled.

    As its base is electronics and its subjects is upon the coding of analog data into electrical boolean signals it has much more scope than other streams.

    Subjects of Electronics and Communication engineering that will be taught to you are:
    • Analog Electronics Circuit
    • Digital Electronics Circuit
    • Analog Communication Technology
    • Semi-Conductors
    • Mathematical Instrumentation
    • Electromagnetic field theory
    • Electronic Materials and Processes
    • Communication work shop
    • Thermodynamics
    • Microwave Engineering
    • Control system Engineering
    • Digital Signal Processing
    • Microprocessor lab
    • Optical Communication
    • Remote Sensing
    • Satellites communication

    >>You will get recruitment in communication technology companies like BSNL, VSNL, Reliance,Nokia,etc.

    >>Apart from the government and private sector companies that will recruit you can apply for all other exams that will be conducted by UPSC, SSC and state PSC.


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    Re: Give the complete details about ECE stream. What will I study in ECE in 4 yrs of B.Tech?


    give me details about ECE stream what i will study in ECE 4 years of B.tech?

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    Re: Give the complete details about ECE stream. What will I study in ECE in 4 yrs of B.Tech?

    Give the time table how to study the 2nd year semester at a time?

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    Re: Give the complete details about ECE stream. What will I study in ECE in 4 yrs of B.Tech?

    how many vaccants inthis dept to work

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