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    Give all the details about AIBE,2012.

    Give all the details about AIBE,2012.

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    Re: Give all the details about AIBE,2012.

    dear the ALL INDIA BAR EXAMINATION (AIBE) ,is intended to test an advocate's ability to practise the profession of law in india.it will address your
    • analytical ability,
    • and basic knowledge of law.

    the bar examination came into force by the legal education committee and the members of the bar council of india at duly constituted meetings on April 10,2010 and April 30,2010.
    in india law acts on every crime to non crime and religious matters.
    All India bar examination will consists of 100 multiple choice questions spread across various subjects.
    You have to marks the correct answer in the OMR sheet.
    If you are writing this exam for the first time than you have to pay 1300 as fees,
    If you are writing this exam for the second time than you have to pay rs.700/-
    you have to enroll as an advocate under section 24 of the advocates act,1961 than you have to submit the suitable proof of such enrolment along with the application for all India bar examination.
    the motive of this exam is to to assess capabilities of the prospective advocates at a basic level , and is intended to set a minimum standard fro the admission to the practice of law.
    syllabus for the all India bar examination
    you have to read twenty subjects for this exam, as the syllabus consists of 20 subjects and these subjects are divided into two categories:
    There will be 7 questions and 3 questions from the category -1 and 4 questions from the category -2.
    • alternative dispute resolution,
    • civil procedure code and limitation act,
    • constitutional law,
    • contract law, including specific relief ,special contracts, and negotiable instruments.
    • criminal law 1, Indian penal code,
    • criminal procedure,
    • drafting, pleading and conveyancing,
    • evidence,
    • jurisprudence,
    • professional ethics and the professional code of conduct for the advocates,
    • property law,
    category -2
    • administrative law,
    • company law,
    • environmental law,
    • family law,
    • human rights law,
    • labor and industrial law,
    • law of tort, including motor accidents, and consumer protection law,
    • principles of taxation law,
    • public international law,
    the exam will be in 9 languages
    • Hindi,
    • English,
    • Bengali,
    • Gujrathi,
    • Oriya,
    • Telugu,
    • Marathi
    • Kannada,
    • and Tamil.
    The January exam was already completed and you have to wait for the November term exam which will be announced soon.
    So dear all the best

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