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    As a fresher which company should I join? .NET developer in Bloom Software solutions or Software administrator in CGI? I am also planning for further studies in Abroad

    Hello fellow mates,

    As a fresher which company should I join? One that is a startup as the role of a developer or one that is a MNC as the role of a software administrator..
    I currently have two job offers in hand.
    1. Bloom Software Solutions - .NET developer
    2. CGI - Software Administrator

    I am pretty confused about which company I should go for. I love coding and I want to master this field. And I also plan to do M.S in the coming future.
    Bloom is offering me to work as a .NET developer. At the same time CGI is offering me a Software Administrator Role. CGI is paying me more too (including other allowances).
    Now I have no idea which way to go. What I can only think of is since I plan to go for further studies, what I should prefer right now is a company with a better name than a company which is just a start-up. The domain which I am going to work on shouldn't matter much. Cause after doing M.S, I will have an option to choose a new domain again. Am I correct??

    Please advice me what should I do.
    Thank you.

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