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    Failed in PUC but worked in IT sector for 7 years. What courses are open for me? Which university will offer courses for PUC failed candidates?

    Hello Sir/Mam/Friend/Well-Wisher,

    I'm 26 Yrs as on 6th-Aug-2013 and I didn't pass my PUC Karnataka Board

    My name is MKP and Im 26 yrs 6 months old as on 6th of August 2013. I passed my SSLC in March 2004 with 69.92%. I failed my PUC ( P.C.M.B ) in my II year 2006. I've been working since 2006 and I'm into IT sector with my knowledge and skills sets but to further climb the leadership Ladder I must have a degree.

    1. For what courses am I eligible ?
    2. Which university encourages people like me ?
    3. What courses can I choose ?

    Please help me with some bright and better ideas on which I can mould my future.

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