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    In Electronics, Define forward biasing?

    forward biasing definition

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    Re: In Electronics, Define forward biasing?

    Diode is made up of two junctions i.e p and n junctions.....
    P junction contain holes while N junction contains electrons.
    When Forward Biasing the diode then the holes from the P material move towards the junction and the electrons from the N material move towards the junction.
    When holes from p material and electrons from n material meet at junction it conducts the flow of current.
    This is the forward biasing of Diode....
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    Re: In Electronics, Define forward biasing?

    Hi Dude.......

    Forward Biasing:
    A diode which contains the P-type semiconductor and the N-type semi conductor are made together and a junction is formed between them and it is known as the PN-junction.P-type semiconductor contains the holes and N-type semiconductor contains the Electrons which are negatively charged particles......
    When the electrons in the N-type semiconductor combines with the holes in P-type semiconductor then a forward current is flowed and it is known as the forward biasing....

    It means that an external voltage is applied to the PN-junction and it is known as the biasing.The current is passed through the junction and this current will allow the electrons to move and combine with the holes......
    The battery is connected in such a way that the positive terminal of the battery is connected to the P-type material and negative terminal is connected to the N-type material.The positive terminal repels the holes to the junction and the negative terminal repels the electrons to the junction and when these two junctions combine the holes and electrons get combined with each other and produces the forward current and it is known as the forward biasing......
    When the forward bias is applied the electrons travel in the P-type material and it will be combining with the holes and produces the forward current.....

    The electrons are negatively charged particles and the holes are the positively charged particles......
    This is known as the forward biasing......


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