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    Download West Bengal University of Technology MCA Second semester Business Systems and Applications Previous Years Question Papers

    The 2nd semester of WBUT for MCA course is the final hurdle to qualify so as to be proceed to the 2nd year of the course. The 2nd semester for MCA is generally held in the months of May-June of every year.

    Exam pattern:

    A total of five papers make up the 2nd semester of MCA under West Bengal University of Technology (WBUT). Out of these, the paper on Business Systems and Applications is an important paper and requires extensive study on the student’s part.

    Syllabus of Business Systems and Applications paper in West Bengal University of Technology First semester MCA exam:

    The syllabus of this paper is as follows:-

    • Use of computers for managerial applications
    • Technology issues and data and information processing in organisations
    • Introduction to Information Systems, shift in Information system thinking, latest trends in Information Technology
    • Computer Based Information Systems- office automation systems, decision making and MIS, transaction processing systems, decision support system, Group Decision Support, Executive Information systems, DSS generator

    • Overview on:
    1) Artificial Intelligence based systems, end user computing, distributed data processing, Knowledge Management, Business system.
    2) Deciding on IS architecture, IT leadership & IS strategic planning, IS strategy and effects of IT on competition
    3) ERP, re-engineering work processes for IT applications, Business Process Redesign Knowledge engineering and data warehouse.

    Duration of Business Systems and Applications paper in West Bengal University of Technology First semester MCA exam:

    Three hours is the duration allotted to the paper of Business Systems and Applications. The total marks to be attended in this specific paper are 70. Answers should be descriptive in nature.

    Scoring pattern:

    As it is mainly a theory based paper, therefore to the point answers are given special credit. Illogically long answers are strictly discouraged.

    Previous years question papers of Business Systems and Applications:

    Interested candidates can find previous year question papers Business Systems and Applications of MCA course 1st semester under WBUT in the attachments.

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