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    Download West Bengal University of Technology BCA Third Semester Operating System (BCA 301) Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    West Bengal University of Technology is popular for its wide range of technical education courses and BCA is one among the technical courses offered by the university at the UG level. This course is divided into six semesters and here is the list of papers offered in the third semester of the BCA course:

    Papers in third semester of BCA Course:

    Operating Systems
    Data Structures with C
    Graphics & Internet
    Mathematics for Computing
    Management & Accounting
    Internet & Computer Graphics Lab (Practical)
    Programming Lab (Data Structures with C) (Practical)

    About Operating Systems Paper:

    This paper is offered as the first paper in the third semester of the BCA course and to denote the same, the code number of this paper is BCA 301. A broad outline of some of the chapters covered in this paper is given below:

    Introduction to Operating System (OS)
    Design and Implementation of OS
    Security & Protection
    Introduction to OS/DOS

    Books for Operating Systems Paper:

    Operating Systems, Prasad, Scitech
    Guide to Operating Systems, Palmer, VIKAS
    Modern Operating System, Tannenbaum, PHI
    An Introduction to Operating System, Bhatt, PHI
    Operating Systems , Milankovic, TMH
    Operating Systems, Galvin, John Wiley

    Pattern of Operating System Paper:

    Question paper for the semester examination of operating system paper will have three groups being A, B and C. Group A include Multiple Choice Questions, Group B include short answer type questions and Group C comprises of long answer type questions.

    Previous Years Question Papers:

    Past question papers of operating system paper are given in the attachment for BCA students of WBUT.

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