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    Download West Bengal University of Technology BCA Third Semester Data Structure with C (BCA 302) Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    West Bengal University of Technology shortly called as WBUT is offering a number of courses of which BCA course is offered at the UG level and it extends to a period of three years with two semesters for each year making a total of six semesters.

    Papers in the third semester of BCA course:

    • Operating System
    • Data Structures with C
    • Graphics & Internet
    • Management & Accounting
    • Mathematics for Computing

    Syllabus for Data Structures with C paper:

    • Basic concepts of data representation
    • Linear Data structures and their sequential representations
    • Linear Data structures and their linked representations
    • Non linear data structures
    • Searching techniques
    • Sorting techniques
    • Non linear data structures II
    • Programming with Data Structures in C

    Total credits for the paper is 4 and the code number of this paper is BCA 302.

    Pattern of question papers for Data Structure with C:

    Full marks for the paper are 70 and examination is conducted for this paper for three hours. There will be questions under three groups in the paper. Group A carries 10 marks, group B carries 15 marks and Group C carries 45 marks thereby making a total of 70 marks. Group A will have multiple choice questions, Group B will have short answer type questions and group C will have long answer type questions.

    Previous years question papers:

    Past question papers of Data Structures with C paper of third semester of BCA course are given in the attachment.

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