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    Download West Bengal University of Technology BCA First Semester Introduction to Programming (BCA103) Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    West Bengal University of Technology was established in the year 2000 and the first Vice Chancellor of the university took charge from the 15th of January 2001. Totally 29 courses are offered by the university under which a wide range of subjects are offered. The university was established with the objective of organizing courses at the UG level in the discipline of engineering and technology particularly in the emerging technologies.

    Computer Application courses offered by WBUT:

    When it comes to computer application courses offered by the West Bengal University of Technology, it offers both Bachelor of Computer Applications and Master of Computer Applications course. The Bachelor of Computer Applications course offered by the university is divided into six semesters of which the first semester of the course includes the following papers:

    Business System and Application
    Digital Electronics
    Introduction to Programming
    PC Software

    About Introduction to Programming paper:

    Code number of this paper is BCA 103 and some of the chapters included in the syllabus for this paper are:

    Developing different C Programs
    Handling of Character strings
    Linked list
    Dynamic memory allocation
    Managing input/output operations
    Formatted I/O
    Standard library
    File management in C
    User defined functions

    Question paper pattern:

    The full marks allotted for introduction to programming paper is 70 and the paper has to be completed within three hours. Group A will have 10 multiple choice questions with each question carrying one mark thereby making 10 marks in total for this group. Group B comprises of short answer questions and all five questions with each question carrying 3 marks should be answered in this group thereby making 15 marks for this group. Group C will have long answer type questions with five questions and any three are to be answered with each question carrying 15 marks thereby making 45 marks for this group.

    Previous Years Question papers:

    WBUT BCA candidates can download previous years question papers of BCA 103 paper from the attachment.

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