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    Download West Bengal University of Technology B.Tech ECE Fifth semester Digital Communication Exam Previous Years Question Papers

    Students admitted in the third year of Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech) course under WBUT need to sit for the 5th semester exam conducted by WBUT. The 5th semester is held every year end in the months of November-December.

    Exam pattern:

    There are total Five papers in 5th semester for B. Tech in ECE stream under WBUT. Out of these papers, the paper on Digital Communication is a core and an important paper for the students of ECE stream.

    Syllabus of Digital Communication paper in West Bengal University of Technology Bachelor of Technology ECE Fifth semester exam:

    The concepts covered by this paper are as follows:-

    • Module 1.
    Introduction: Analog and digital communication. Discrete signals. Elements of digital communication system

    • Module 2.
    Source encoding: Pulse code modulation, quantization noise, linear and non-linear quantization, companding- A-law and μ-law. Differential pulse code modulation, delta modulation, adaptive delta modulation, Linear predictive coders

    • Module 3.
    Baseband transmission: Baseband signal receiver: probability of error calculations, optimum filters, coherent reception, matched filter and its transfer function. Integrate and dump type filter. Regenerative repeater, Bit synchronization, Inphase and midphase synchronizer. Early late gate synchronizer. Frame synchronization.

    • Module 4.
    Line coding: Polar/Unipolar/Bipolar NRZ and RZ; Manchester, differential encoding and their spectral characteristic, self synchronization properties of some of the encoded signal.

    • Module 5.
    Equalization: Inter symbol interference (ISI), Purpose of equalization, Eye pattern, Nyquist criterion for zero ISI, fixed equalizer. Design of equalizer, Adaptive equalizer.

    • Module 6.
    Digital modulation techniques: BPSK, DPSK. BFSK, M-Ary PSK & FSK, QPSK, MSK, QASK, Error calculations.

    • Module 7.
    Spread-spectrum modulation: Pseudo-Noise Sequence, A notion of Spread Spectrum, Direct-Sequence Spread-Spectrum with Coherent Binary Phase-Shift Keying, Processing Gain, Probability of Error, Frequency-hop Spread Spectrum, Code-Division Multiplexing

    • Module 8.
    Information theory Discrete and continuous messages, Message source, zero memory source, Discrete memory-less source, extension of zero memory source, Markov source and their entropy, Channel with and without memory, Hartley and Shannon’s law.

    • Module 9.
    Introduction to Coding Theory: Compact codes, Instantaneous codes, Huffman code, Shanon- Fano code. Error control and correcting Codes; Linear block codes, Cyclic codes- BCH, Convolution codes

    Duration of Digital Communication paper in West Bengal University of Technology ECE Fifth semester exam:

    Three hours is the allotted duration for this paper, the total marks of which are 70. Answers should be descriptively written in a separate answer sheet provided by WBUT.

    Scoring pattern:

    Logical answers fetch good marks. Diagrams and figures need to be drawn wherever required. Illogical concepts and answers should be kept away from the answer sheet.

    Previous years question papers of Digital Communication:

    Interested students can find previous year question papers of Digital Communication for ECE 5th semester under WBUT.

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